Friday, May 13, 2016

May Mews

Yesterday, I was proud that I finished my three mile walking routine in 43:44. Today, I discovered that it's possible to improve that time by trotting short distances during each lap. And no, this is not running. It's trotting, adding a little more weight bearing exercise, that's all, from, say, one corner to that mailbox.  It's been so long since I've run that I have to be careful to avoid hurting myself. Anyway, I finished in 41:15! 

Timing distances: the girl can't help it.

On one of my more leisurely outings, while speaking to a neighbor I hadn't seen for quite awhile, I spied Mystery Cat in his yard, and said, "Oh! Is he one of your kitties?" Nabor replied, "Oh, no no no no, I just have the two Persians (he pointed to his house), that's just a wild, stray cat. 'Course, I am feeding him...and he sleeps in the carport. He's a nice little guy, actually affectionate, he even likes Daisy (his elderly, blind dog). He's been leavin' me dead birds, though. Uh oh! there's those bunnies--excuse me--"

I've been seeing this cat around for at least a couple years, out in all weather, looking all handsome and taken care of. And now, mystery solved. Except Nabor doesn't seem to know that he has three cats.  I'm getting a chuckle out of that. 

This weekend is the Greek Festival, though I'll be tied up tomorrow. One of my coworkers pointed out that it always rains on this festival and--I think she's right. It's The Greek Rain Dance. Much of it is inside, anyway, especially the food. 


Last weekend, Mike and I had dinner with his parents at a place they've adored for years, and as usual, it was scrumptious. I need to mention that I wore one of the dressy hats that my mother gifted me with for the occasion. I know that if I don't wear the wig, I might get questions, but the wig is so uncomfortable that it comes off as soon as I leave work. So anyway, I got more than questions that night; one of the regular waitresses sat down beside me and started talking, and cutting to the chase: she also had triple-negative breast cancer, about three years ago, and was diagnosed at my age. She is also BRAC negative, as I am. She mused that breast cancer was almost like the flu--she's known so many women to have it, and, she said, we're all okay.

Holy coincidence, Batman! 

Robin: You risked your life to save that riff raff in the bar!

Batman: They may be drinkers, but they are also human beings and may be salvaged. I had to do it!

Yes, we may be salvaged... Happy Weekend!

p.s. All but one of the balloons in the picture below are still up in the air. Looking a little wilted, but they've still got it.


TLP said...

Holy bat TNBC! The odds are ever in your favor.

This is a great post, so upbeat. You have more treatments to come, but you're stronger than cancer.

You're lucky that you look so good in hats.

In other good news, I won a prize last night at the event I attended. A basket of wines. Of course I'm giving it to you and Mike. YAY.

TLP said...

BTW, I had lunch at the Greek Fest today. Good as usual. I bought some desserts to share with you and Mike.

actonbell said...

Thank you, Mom! We will enjoy that more than I can say.