Friday, March 18, 2016

Mid-March Update

It's Friday, and I'm working a later schedule at work, which suits me; life is nicer with more time in the morning.

I did start working full time in mid February, and have now finished five out of eight chemotherapy treatments. Since my last post here, I've had some ups and downs, of course, but I'm still hanging in there.

One thing to be grateful for is my lack of drug allergies. Two drugs that have done me a world of good are Neulasta and steroids. One keeps my white blood cell count up, reducing infections, and the other helps make chemo more effective and reduce reactions. There are plenty of people who cannot easily tolerate these benefits, but I can.  This is probably why I'm able to work.

My fear is my hemoglobin level, which has been dropping a little bit each time...I am not severely anemic, and know that I must simply keep eating and keep my mind off of it. Sure, I'm careful not to do too much, and I'm getting plenty of rest outside work. Maybe too much...

My fear might be my biggest handicap. I'm afraid of the toll this is taking on my body, though I do know that chemo is something that is done for me, not to me. And I am looking forward to recovering from it--honestly, I will embrace getting out there and getting my energy and stamina back. Every gain will be something to celebrate.

The Taxol does not make me crash the way the previous drug did, but it is an irritant. So far, I am not experiencing the extreme joint pain that some people have. I did have a mild case of that, and also a very annoying finger reaction, which I am hoping doesn't get worse. Bowel issues have been a constant problem, on and off since surgery--sorry, that's not a polite topic, but it's a major annoyance.

Three more treatments until I can start recovering...that last treatment is thirty-five (35) days away. It won't be over over, but chemo will be...

And tomorrow, I have off...and will show, to the best of my ability, the appreciation for the man who has put up with all my moods and needs...

About work: My health insurance did change mid-chemo, which was frightening, BUT my new employer has given me credit for my out-of-pocket expenses! This is major. They did not have to do this. As customers complain about the changes, I carefully sympathize, but--this new company has been good to me. My last employer did cater to customers a lot more than my present one, it's true. I'm sorry about this, but--I have to be grateful for what the new company is giving us, the employees.

And I've made it through another week...

Happy Friday, everyone!


TLP said...

Each day you are a survivor. You're having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at you, and you're still standing. The end of the chemo is in sight.

If wishes and hopes and love could cure you, mine would have spared you all of this.

I'm so grateful for Mike. He's been a rock. You've been a rock too, you just don't know it.

Happy to hear about the insurance coming through! That was a lot of money!

We're all living for the day when all of this comes to an end and you can start recovering.

Love you so much.

actonbell said...

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you!