Sunday, December 20, 2015

A month and a half later...

My last post seems to be from a different lifetime. Here we are, at the beginning of Christmas week, and so much has happened. Mike remarked, just this morning, that it seems as if that cruise we took was a lot longer than a week ago.

At the end of November, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I almost capitalized that, for some reason. Stage II, triple-negative. Since that day, we've been on a cruise, followed immediately by my MRI the following Monday, then surgery the next day. Scratch what I said about losing that banked sick time.

Without further ado, I will post pictures of our cruise. Usually, I post them on my Fly Away blog, so that I bore only people who want to go there, but today I'm feeling lazy and so will put everything in one place...

Oops, I closed my eyes for this one...but, it's become a tradition to seek out this same spot in San Juan because it makes us laugh; on one side, a creche, on the other side--The Three Wise Mariachis with a pig on a spit. For dinner, we went to a place called El Alambique. We happened upon it last year, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else! It's right on the beach and does not look special;
it was a surprise.

....and on the next morning, we go out for breakfast and walk on the beach before taking a taxi to the cruise pier

There was some rainbow action on the day we left...

The first stop was Tortola...we were on the way to the beach. It was a rainy day, but still beautiful.

The ship was decked out, of course. The poincettias were set out shortly after we departed San Juan, and we always look forward to seeing them. This staircase is lit up from the bottom, too, which isn't obvious from the picture.
We had some fabulous meals and drinks. I had to get a picture of this bottle (and Mike).

We went whale watching on Dominica, and saw several sperm whales. Mike actually managed to time a picture perfectly, here. The crew had a fluke album to help them identify the individuals we saw that day. All happened to be females. At the very end of the tour, as we were on our way back, we saw two adult females together, and watched them for awhile, until--they both dove under at the same time, a double-fluke sighting! No, I was not able to record that.

I always enjoy the boat rides. And when I see that orange "11" tour sticker on Mike's shirt, I'm reminded of the cute little five-year-old girl on the tour who had ALL the stickers by the end of the outing. Before she left, though, she bestowed one of them on Irwin, one of the guides, seen here with the underwater microphone.

On St. Kitts, we went to the beach again, a day that turned out to be gloriously perfect. We stopped along the way at a scenic point at which the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are separated by a strip of land--

We visited the Carambola Beach Club, which was beautiful, and on that day, not very crowded--

On St. Thomas, we took a snorkeling tour, much like the one we've done a few times before. The catamaran takes us out to St. John, an undeveloped island with a beautiful beach. Some people spend more time lounging on the beach than snorkeling. This year, since the snorkeling wasn't as good, we enjoyed that, too.
On the way back, the snorkeling gear is put away and the beer, rum punch, and champagne flow. It's a fun ride and a great party. 

A couple more evening pics-- I love it when Mike smiles! My astonishing husband.

It was a great time, and time away. Yes, we both thought about The Situation. I feel so lucky to have had this time away, to get prepared, to eat, drink, and relax. It helped--distance of any kind grants perspective.

And now surgery is behind me. I'm still recovering, still tending the drainage tubes, doing the arm exercises, and trying not to dread what comes next. It will all be for my benefit, and the chances are good that we'll be on another cruise next year...

And, I am not alone in this. I am thankful for everyone around me, and look forward to seeing my family at Christmas. Hmm, that's actually good timing...

Happy trails, everyone!


TLP said...

You two are so lucky to have one another.

It looks like another great cruise. I know you love them.

Love the pictures. As usual.

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom :) I feel very lucky, too.