Thursday, November 05, 2015


Today started groggily. Didn't get much sleep. 

The young woman who caused me to work a bit longer yesterday, out of pure inconsideration, is complaining to me about how another coworker made her late last night.  He is a piece of work, to be sure, and I hope this guy finds something else to do.  This woman, Deelee, is filling my ear about how her new husband is livid about how he never knows exactly when she'll be home...she might have to quit to keep the peace.

We are all fit to be tied. Call offs are another problem; we will be working for a new company shortly, and any leave not used will absolutely disappear. There's a chaotic atmosphere, we are thin staffed to a point we previously thought impossible. I'm lucky that I have more vacation in my future, though I will feel guilty for using it. Silly, that, I know: I'm losing over one hundred hours of banked sick time i.e., unused PTO from previous years. The present company never pays out rolled over time from previous years--I viewed it as an egg nest against future illness, which joyfully did not happen. Still, it seems harsh to just lose it all...

We are all hoping for shorter hours next year. And no one knows what our vacation time situation will be, except that we MAY roll over time, this time. 

So. It feels better to get this down in back and white, somehow. What cannot be changed or helped must simply be endured. I'm luckier than most, with my life situation, so I can suck it up and stop letting certain behaviors get to me.

And--do not take it home.

Do NOT take it home.

Over and out...


TLP said...

You don't need this job to live. You are in a good financial situation. So, give them the finger and forget it.

I know this is all very unpleasant. The work world these days is awful. I feel for you. But just keep saying, "I don't need the money"

I do feel for all of you, truly I do.

karen a. gardner said...

"Today started groggily. Didn't get much sleep."

My day started the same way. Next week is Thanksgiving and a time of happiness for all.