Sunday, October 25, 2015

What to do, what to do...

It's a good thing that these jokey memes don't take up space in one's life. Why is Pinterest so popular? It's not just a good portmanteau word, it's a place for virtual collections of all sorts. An invisible file. It's a one-stop site for recipes, craft ideas, party themes, travel tips, fashion trends, books, movies, and--jokey memes.

Stuff: The Purge. Can one have too many hoodies, cardigans, or shrugs?  No. Can one have too many pink or orange sweaters? Probably. (That's not the case here, just asking.)

VHS tapes, cassettes, 45 rpm adapters, tote bags with logos of places long gone, a clarinet that needs all its pads replaced, duplicate books bought at different used book sales (scary), pajamas that don't look familiar, age group awards from forgotten races, five (5) sets of long underwear (no idea), too many coats, a crochet project from high school (scary), clothing that is depressingly too small,

embarrassing winter hats that have never been worn, huge and loud earrings from the 1980's (scary), three pairs of red strappy shoes (really?), a very padded pink and pink striped bra (ditto), various craft supplies and implements (of destruction), at least a dozen little envelopes labeled "extra buttons," bobbins for a sewing machine that does not work, enough straight pins for two lifetimes, ditto clothespins, old paint brushes, old paint, atrocious purses, single socks, and watches with dead batteries.

A certain garbage bin in the basement was employed for some of these items until it became clear, under full light, that this container was itself ready to meet the dumpster in the sky, so to speak.

Sad news: it doesn't look much different around here. Yet. Just wait.

Stuff swells. It looks like stuffitis.
A condition of human suffering, in owning way too much stuff,and realizing that one owns too much stuff.
John looked into the garage,and realized he was suffering from stuffitis. He had to find a way to get rid of all that useless junk.
(Urban Dictionary)
Suffering? The planet is suffering.

Pretty sure twenty-four cans of lemon lime seltzer water will be toast in a couple days. (Gone, not warmed. That would be a trick...)

It's easy to face a pile of junk and stuff and become paralyzed. When this happens, it is time to eat. This is the best way to control stuff in the kitchen.

And see? It's almost time for the weekly Scrabble game. We have six Scrabble sets, by the way. It's not our fault; they were gifts. And Mike won one of them for being chosen to play with Will Shortz on his Sunday morning show. Hey look, Mike made honorable mention, again. (re: Last week's creative challenge. There were quite a few good ones.) (Not to worry, he didn't win stuff.)

Toast: one who loses a game of Scrabble to her opponent by at least one hundred points.

Yours Truly


karen a. gardner said...

Hi Sharyl -- Just wanted to drop to say how much I still enjoy your blog. We've never met but can I offer a little hint from Heloise? You can donate your old clothes and stuff to the Salvation Army or similar charity.

I donate clothes to Viet Nam Veterans of America. They call me regularly when they have a truck in the area and if I've collected a lawn-sized garbage bag full of clothes (they accept men's, women's, and children's), they'll pick it up from the front porch and leave a tax-deductible receipt. They'll accept smaller items, too, like suitcases, blenders, and scrabble board games. I usually guesstimate the value of the donation. Same thing with the Salvation Army. They pick up large stuff. Old computers, steel-frame futons, tables, etc., etc.

I have a Pinterest account and can see why it's soo popular. They send me updates of Pins and boards I might like just about every day. Yummly sends me the most popular recipes. Quora Digest went through a phase of sending me 'everything I might want to know about Jimmy Wales'. Twitter sends me notifications. So does Facebook and LinkedIn. I organize all that sort of social media under gmail.

Anyhoo, nice to see you and Mike are still playing Scrabble. And if you're toast I'm sure he thinks you're as sweet as Yummly cinnamon-raisin swirl -- Karen

actonbell said...

Hi, Karen--That's great, how you donate to Vietnam Vets. We do live close enough to a couple donation centers, so I will be making a little trip :) Thank you for the kind message, hope everything is going well for you!

TLP said...

Of course everyone has stuff that they should get rid of, but you and Mike really have far least stuff than most folks.

I have stuff gathered to take to Community Aid soonish.

Good post as usual.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sharyl.

It was not very kind of me to write a diary entry on your blog. Happy Holidays, and enjoy your annual cruise.