Saturday, September 05, 2015

This and that just because

Our last movie was Mr. Turner, a film about an eccentric 19th century British painter. On one hand, it was brilliantly acted and the scenery and colors were beautiful.  The film displays a man's life without any heavy handed statements or background. For this reason, it was a challenging film to watch, and I was at times a bit confused. Also, I felt it was overly long. It did, however, inspire me to look up more about this painter, since there was so little factual information in the film. I cannot really recommend this film to people I care about, though.

Since I like lighthouses, this is J. M. W. Turner's painting, The Bell Rock Lighthouse.

Honestly, I must start adding some more--lively films to the Netflix cue...

The last book I read was Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson, which I enjoyed very much. The premise is fascinating and thought provoking in several ways. I find it immensely interesting to read other people's reviews on Goodreads, since opinions vary so widely. Sometimes, in the discussion threads, I find ideas that never occurred to me, even more ways to love a book! On the other hand, there are always people who think that what you've just enjoyed so much is rubbish. Different tastes. This time, though, I was surprised that one of the most prolific reviewers hated this book because there was too much drama.  (She uses lots of exclamations!!!! but doesn't like drama.) While it's important that one not know too much before reading Atkinson's latest book, it is nevertheless well known that the protagonist dies--many times. The title suggests this, and it also follows (in my opinion) that there will be--drama. Anyway, I just got a laugh out of that. I've certainly had the experience of disliking  a book or books that many others call fabulous.

Speaking of the reading experience, the latest Nook has just been released. Since Barnes & Noble has moved away from making eReaders, it's a Samsung product--another one. While it does sound like an improvement over the first B&N--Samsung product, the price is a shocker: Four hundred dollars. $400.00. Four. Hundred. Dollars. It's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK®
But then, if the iPad Air 2 can cost that much, I suppose this one can, too...what the market will bear, I suppose. We'll see.

Pretty scary. I find it entertaining to watch all these new devices come out, for some strange reason. We already have a Samsung tablet, and I do have the Nook App, so I can easily purchase and read anything I've ever bought from B&N on the tablet--should I ever want to do that.  Lots of people already have tablets. So.  Who, exactly, is the audience for this very expensive tablet?  According to the B&N website, the previous model of this size is $150.00, while the biggest one is $250.00. Those upgrades better be astounding. And really, all I want when I read is an eReader. The only one Barnes & Noble still makes is the Nook Glowlight, which I hope is still around when my vintage Nook dies.  I never thought eReaders would ever go the way of eight track tapes. One can hope. 

Now, that's an idea...

Happy long weekend, everyone!


Nathalie Hoke said...

The movie you watched doesn't sound that interesting to me, but I love the painting.

The book does sound good. I'll try to remember to get it and read it.

As for the new Nook...WTF? Too pricey!

Jocelyn said...

I enjoyed MR. TURNER a fair bit, in fact! Heh-heh. And I loved LIFE AFTER LIFE; a "companion" book of sorts came out a few months ago, if you want to read more about brother Teddy: A GOD IN RUINS.

You probably knew that!

actonbell said...

Mom, I hope you read Life After Life--it's good :)

Jocelyn, I did not know about the companion book--thanks!
Good to hear you enjoyed Mr. Turner. I didn't hate it.