Wednesday, September 02, 2015

First Wednesday

Today is the first Wednesday of September and also the first Wednesday for most returning students in this area.  There have been the usual changes in traffic--for me, working in the drive-thru, that means people showing up first thing, as soon as I'm open or sooner, in hurried-surly moods--OR in the late afternoon, in impatient-tired-surly moods. We don't have enough staff right now to comfortably make the stretch, so sometimes I find myself alone with a full drive-thru with customers who expect us to look up and fill out everything for them, and don't seem to realize that I'm actually waiting on someone else while they're placing their order.  I understand that, but do not understand why they have to be rude when I either can't hear everything, or need to verify something.  Do they treat other wait staff that way? 

Enough of that.  Even when I get highly annoyed, I don't take it personally. The big news is that we're turning into another bank by April of next year. The new owners are looking over the branches and have already begun to make little changes.  Yesterday, one of the most senior members of our facility team was here and stopped in to chat--he'd wanted to retire here, but he seems to be fairly certain that he'll be getting severance instead; the new company uses contractors for maintenance.  I don't know how close he is to retirement...I am optimistic that we tellers will survive.  Of course, it will be nice if this transition goes smoothly, but it can't be as bad as last time! (This will be my second experience with big transitions, but this time, the circumstances are different.)

In other news, it's almost vacation time for Mike and me!  I have five (5) more work days until I'm off for a glorious week and a day.  And I don't care how bad that Sargassum seaweed is. If the ocean really is that untenable, we'll sit on the beach and cool off in the pool.  We've been there when the beach was flat out closed all week because of severe weather and had a good time.  No worries.

I've enjoyed anticipating this trip more than I can ever remember doing in the past.  I'm  not sure what explains this, but it's a good thing: looking forward. 

Happy September!

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Nathalie Hoke said...

I hope no one gets layed off. That's always so sad.

So happy for you to be going on vacation again. I know how much you two love that place.