Sunday, May 17, 2015

Life Update

It's been over a month since I've updated my life! Oh, no.

 I've found a new recipe that I can actually do, and it gets a thumbs up from both of us. It's called One Pan Mexcian Quinoa.  There are a bunch of ingredients, none of them hard to find. The most exotic ingredient is quinoa, which I'd never heard of a year ago, and am now cooking with.

Making something different, the one night of the week I prepare dinner all by myself, is a big deal. We're on a schedule.

Sunday-pasta (all I do is boil the noodles) Mike prepares the sauce and salad. 
Monday- we go to one of a few local BYOB places
Tuesday- Mike prepares dinner, usually soup, salad, and some kind of muffin or bread
(If I should have a staff meeting on Tuesday night, Mike will make pancakes--sometimes)
Wednesday- pizza night
Thursday- that's me. Usually, I boil some other kind of noodle and put stuff on it.
Friday - we go grocery shopping, and pick something out for dinner, while we're at it. This past Friday, it was hummus, bread, and veggies. (The hummus was on a super sale we could not pass up.)
Saturday - movie night, when we snack around

So--a new recipe is a big deal here.

Things are happening! Also--this weekend, for the first time ever, we did not receive our Netflix movie. This caused Mike to remember that I still had several coupons for a free Redbox movie, so-yep, another first! I gave Mike carte blanche (or, as he likes to say, the white card) to go forth and pick something, and he did, carefully avoiding anything on our Netflix cue. He came home with A Most Violent Year. Good times. I was afraid of the title, but it was actually a good movie, and not gory. That's important.

Actually, the most important thing about Movie Saturday is the popcorn and beer. Which leads me to another important development: for the first time in many years, I own an air popper. JUST bought it yesterday afternoon at tired of destroying endless paper bags in the microwave. This is a much more convenient way of making naked popcorn.

Another adjustment is not expecting the Sunday paper to remain in our drive way unmolested for hours. In the past, we thought that we could leisurely get up, go about our business, then pick up the paper whenever we pleased. Times are changing, and so must we. Last weekend, for the first time ever, our paper walked off before we had the chance to get dressed and snatch it up. (Yes, it was delivered.) We get the Sunday paper only, so we only have to rescue one paper per week. I think we're up to it! It's the coupons--or is it the plastic bag it comes in?  There are so many dog walkers around here.

To sum up, I found a new recipe, our mail service no longer delivers Netflix on time, we tried Redbox, saw a good movie anyway, I got an air popper, and we had our only paper stolen.

Oh, yeah! Mom got me Kah Reposado Tequila. It's 110 proof, and...perhaps that's why I can't remember anything else. It's fabulous stuff. Mike would like me to sip it while we play Scrabble. As if.



Jocelyn said...


Your updates are all so fun, from quinoa to popper. I looove quinoa, and we use a stove-top "whirly-gig" popper that makes the best popcorn this afficionado has ever had.

actonbell said...

A stove top whirly-gig? I must look that up. And yes, quinoa is great--and it's a complete protein, too. Wow.

TLP said...

I love your posts!

I was so tickled to find that tequila. I love the container.

I'm amazed that someone would steal your newspaper!!! Sad news. Also surprised that someone is out and about before Mike was out to pick it up.

I'm going to check out that recipe right now.

TLP said...
the popper Jocelyn mentioned.

Bone said...

I remember my Dad making popcorn on the stove top in a pan when I was little. "Manual" popcorn, what a novel concept. Much like having a hard copy of a newspaper delivered :)