Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Ides Have It

March is working on that lamb phase. Methinks I actually see a few beginnings of buds on yonder trees. Or perhaps that's wishful thinking. It's a bit blustery out there, but that's okay, because it is not very cold. This is normal behavior for Mother Nature.

The improvement in the weather, the nearing of spring is coming at a very good time. Yes, that would be at the same time as every year, but lately, I've had some negative thoughts that have led me to estimate that I have 3.4 years 'til I turn fifty-five, or about 41 months. Subtracting holidays, weekends, and vacations, I have roughly 800 more days at this current job. At that time, should I need to keep working, I shall be due for a change of venue.

Happy thoughts. We all need to see a light at the end, I suppose.  People have lived through horrible, dangerous times, and here I am, one of those first world, spoiled souls.

I'm currently rereading Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, and wishing I could remember what I thought of it during my sixteenth summer...right now, I am not much liking Heathcliff or Catherine Earnshaw.  This story is certainly a testament against seeking revenge;  Heathcliff manages to ruin the lives of all his enemies, and shorten the life of his true love, in the bargain. He clearly had not heard the saying, 'if you love someone, set her free,' either. If he hadn't returned, Cathy would have gotten over him. However, for some reason, it's still a compelling read.  That's pretty much what I said about Gone Girl--a page turner, despite the characters.


Here comes another week, yippee, I can hardly wait!



TLP said...

Hey there sweetie! Winter isn't done with us yet. Maybe snow on Friday. Yuck.

I started my retirement countdown at 5 years to go. It flew by.

Soon, soon it will be warmer to stay that way.

actonbell said...

You're right, Mom. There is both light and warm, soon :)

Jocelyn said...

Oh, my gravy: you've figured out you have 800 more days at your current job? That tells me it would be a great thing if you had 799 days less than that at your current job. You sound ready to scram!