Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I did not stay up to watch the Grammys.  Award shows? Meh, I'll read about them later, mostly. What disturbs me is how many younger people are expressing the view that Madonna should quit. Why? Because she's over thirty-five? Is there some limit for women?  These same people think she's showing too much skin, including those who will never be in as good shape as Madonna. This is her life, her choice.  No one is telling Hugh Jackman to put his shirt back on.

Another source of disturbance comes from the popularity of a fan-fic "novel" that has actually been made into a movie and coming out on Valentine's Day.   Pictured above is the Vermont Teddy Bear Company's latest capitalist venture. I don't know where to begin, so I won't.

And now, something that made me giggle:

While some people are getting buried in snow, we get a dusting, and all the schools call in delays! This works for me; now I can run laps around the neighborhood without the school buses and parents creating any traffic.

And now, I must get dressed and go to work. Happy Tuesday!


Bone said...

I don't think you missed much. I watched about 30 minutes. Kanye was upset with the results again, from what I hear. Madonna makes me sad for some reason.

I've been trying to run more, but I dunno if I'll ever work back up to a 10K. My body seems to be satisfied with 3 miles.

Bone said...

Sorry I'm upstaging your comment section like Kanye upstaging an awards show, but this kind of went along with your someecard, I thought:


actonbell said...

Thank you for the link, Bone--that's really funny :) And I've been doing a lot of 3 milers, too.

TLP said...

I agree with your award show opinion. They are too long. TOO. LONG.
Plus mostly not that interesting. I saw just a few minutes of the Grammys.

Is Madonna that much older than others on the award shows? Younger than Sir Paul for sure.

As for the book-that-shall-not-be-named, it's so upsetting to me that woman buy it, like it, etc. Just so stupid.

Karen G. said...

We watched AMCs season openers for "Walking Dead" and "Better Call Saul" during the Grammys but thank god for YouTube!

The Annie Lennox-Hozier mash-up of "Take Me to Church/I Put a Spell" was amazing!

actonbell said...

Karen, thanks, I will have to check that out.