Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anniversary Day :)

Let's see, what's happened? Today is our anniversary! We are going out to a little Italian place tonight, and exchanging gift cards (we just did the candy thing), and it will all be good. I am so happy and thankful to have my Mike to come home to, more than I can ever express. It's been twenty-six (26) years, a little more than half my life.

It's nice to go out on a Wednesday.


IN WORK NEWS: Two of our branches have been robbed in the past week, by a guy whose girlfriend or wife was recently fired by the bank. They believe he's the same dude that robbed a Kmart. His picture is on Pennlive, clear as day. I have no idea why he is not in custody.

Also, as of March 1st (March Hare Day), we will lose those precious one-hour breaks. I shouldn't be surprised, since our weekday hours were slightly shortened. But still--I'll miss having the option to run home...or an errand. (That's almost zeugma.)  And, coming sometime this spring, we will be doing our own items processing, and that will put a few people in the back office out of work, and probably cut the couriers' hours.

Right now, we seem to be frequently getting these unannounced visits from Back Office Brass, and yes, they do mean to intimidate; we have no idea what they are looking at, but they showed up at one branch and wrote someone up for having a box of fasnachts on the break room table--and it was Fasnacht Day! Good grief. Of course, word spreads fast--they show up, and the other branches let everyone know. I understand that we must keep public areas looking good, and we do our best--honestly.

Oh, speaking of that, our ATM does not like to work in cold weather. It's not on the side of the building, so people must actually get out of their cars to use it, which makes them grumble, and baby, it's cold out there, and that's a drag, so after unbuckling your safely belt, turning off your car, and lumbering into the vestibule to find--that the damned machine won't work. Hmmmm. Also, our coin counter is on the fritz. It needs to be babysat and manually operated by whoever isn't busy with a customer at the time. AND two of our drive-thru lanes are not working properly.

But WE don't have donuts on our break room table.


Life--so unpredictable. Happy Wednesday!


TLP said...

First: Why were you up at 4:04 AM?
Second: I'm also glad that you have Mike in your life, and thus in mine.
Third: Why, oh why do the back office brass gotta be like that?

Happy Anniverary again!

actonbell said...

Mom, my blog clock is not correct.
And--I don't understand the culture of my workplace, and never have. It should be a board game--there are enough obnoxious and laughable obstacles.