Monday, December 01, 2014

Rabbit, rabbit! And all that

 Rabbit, rabbit, happy December, everyone!

As this year comes to an end, I have all these misgivings juxtaposed with all the excitement about--things. Big news, small news, little stuff, petty stuff.

 Big news first. What's taking place in Ferguson, MI is very important and very depressing. It's as if we, as a country, haven't grown much at all since the Civil Rights Movement.

 Another concern, related to not growing, is the general apathy about most of the big news. Even people who are online all day can avoid knowing anything about the world around them. I've been guilty of this: idling on Pinterest, ogling pictures on Bored Panda, and reading book reviews for hours without thinking to check my email, let alone the news sites. Pretty bad. If it weren't for my Facebook news feed, which includes Huffington Post, NBC, etc, I would forget to read anything of any real importance.

 Before the internet, I admit that the first place I learned about Rodney King was MTV. On that channel, they aired the infamous videotape of King being beaten and beaten while lying on the ground over and over again.  MTV was also the first place some of us were informed about Nelson Mandela and anti-apartheid demonstrations in South Africa. But on Facebook, people only see what they've elected to see, interspersed with and disjointed by other people's half-baked opinions. And people's opinions get way off track...For instance, I am sad to hear about the rioting in Ferguson, because it's bringing further emotional damage to that community. However, people who are looting and burning businesses are not part of the meaningful protest that is going on. Sadly, there will always be jerks to muck things up.

Getting on with my joys and concerns, what is happening to Thanksgiving? I don't understand this shopping thing at all. It flies in the face of what this holiday is about. Mike just pointed out to me an analysis in today's paper that shows that Black Friday shopping went down from last year, while Thanksgiving shopping went up. It seems that all retailers did was spread the sales out over a longer time period--spreading the misery for their employees. It doesn't make sense for the shoppers, either; the best deals come later, and some are online only. I'm baffled. And don't like crowds, or traffic. The same people who can't divorce themselves from their smart phones are sitting in traffic, trying to get to the malls. I hope they're not texting.

My biggest joy right now is that we are going on a cruise at the end of the week. I have two more days of work until I take the remainder of my PTO for the year, so I will have ample time to pack and do anything I need to do before we drive to Philadelphia on Thursday, where we stay overnight before flying out the next morning. Whatever happens, it will be a relaxing, good time. We will miss a week's worth of traffic and cold weather, too.

Also, I have not been sick this year. Sometimes, I feel old and out of shape, but that's not so often. I survived an understaffed Black Friday at work, even if I was a bit grouchy, and will return rested up and ready for the rest of the holiday season. Even if I must open the day after Christmas, it will at least be Friday! Why am I even thinking of this now?

And Mom's birthday was yesterday, which means today is December.

Anyway, I've babbled long enough. Happy December!

Whatchaupto? Here's a great, old video from back in the day--

 Special AKA - Free Nelson Mandela


beach lad said...

lucky you off on a cruise - where are you going??

also, what is black friday???

(we have a black saturday which refers to bushfires here in 2009 that killed nearly 200 people)

actonbell said...

Beachlad, it's a Carribean cruise, starting in Puerto Rico and visiting a few Islands--St. Kitts, St. Martin, St. Croix, Dominica, and Grenada.

Black Friday is always the day after our Thanksgiving holiday, and is renowned for being the heaviest shopping day of the year. Or the most infamous...

TLP said...

I think you'll be back tomorrow, Sunday. I hope you had a fabulous could you not?

You missed a cold, wet week. I'm happy for you on that.

The traffic is just terrible, and will get worse as we get closer to Christmas of course. I'm glad you don't have a long commute to work.

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom! I'm glad about the short commute, too.