Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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It's always surprising, how many people come in to see us on a Sunday. At the bank, that is. Today was the last day  for one of our teller supervisors, who will be starting a new, back office job next week. In my almost seven years at the same job (same location, same bat channel), I have never seen so many staff changes occur in such short order. Most are just rearrangements; I have met most of the new staff before at some point.  The big, important change will be the shortening of our branch hours, and that will be revealed to us in the next couple weeks.

So, we will endure our present hours for one more holiday season, and we're bracing ourselves. We will be low staffed for awhile, and meanwhile, the problems continue to roll in. Retailers continue to be hacked--after Target, it was Home Depot, and now Kmart. The Paytime Compromise was especially bad, since it wasn't merely debit card numbers, but bank account and social security information, as well. People come to the bank irritated with us, as if we created the problem. A few people have told us that this is very irritating, and asked, how many times is this going to happen? Honestly, I think people will soon start shopping with gift cards and cash. This is, indeed, horrible. All the bank can do is contact customers when their cards appear on the hack list, and make new cards. Which, by the way, gets very expensive for the banks. (Of course the bank doesn't charge customers for new debit cards when this happens.)

Sometimes, I think Ourbank has a giant KICK ME sign somewhere, the way non-customers will stumble in and start making demands. The strangest one this week was a guy who said he was traveling, and lost his Visa card. Was it drawn off our bank? No. Did he have an account here? No.  Hmm. He was disappointed that we couldn't make him a new card (!) and then asked me to do a cash advance. A cash advance off---the lost card? Yes, he knew the numbers by heart. Oy. I told him we had to have the actual card.  Resigned, he then asked me how to get to some place I've never heard of in Baltimore.

People are always bringing in their trash, too, but today was the first time someone handed me a banana peel. Okay, now I'm venting. But really? And yes, our coin counter charges non-customers a 5% fee.  THAT piece of information is posted in two prominent places. Those who stomp off can go to their own banks, or use Coinstar--which, by the way, is twice as expensive.

Speaking of complaining and unrealistic expectations, some of our staff changes started as a flight from a certain supervisor; at least two people requested transfers to get away from one particular individual.  When said supervisor was rotated somewhere else, they tried to change their minds, but were told no, it's too late now, you've committed to moving.  One of them put in her two weeks notice.  One hopes these two young women will be less rash (and petty) next time. Just an aside: I believe the one who quit was the instigator and the leader of the drama club, and that things will be different, and quieter, without her.

This is the start of my third writing session on this--wasn't I just saying that a personal blog doesn't have to be polished? So, I am rushing off for another thin-staffed frenzy, knowing that it won't, can't be as bad as yesterday. After all, it's Veteran's Day. Yes, we're open normal hours, and we're the only ones.

And tomorrow's my day off. I'll get caught up on everything tomorrow!


TLP said...

I love your work posts. You make me wish I had never retired. Jokin

Have a happy day off tomorrow! Be extre good to yourself.

TLP said...

*sigh* I made a bunch of mistakes in that comment.

actonbell said...

It's okay, Mom :)

I had a nice run today.

beach lad said...

your banks open sundays???

ours are strictly mon-fri.

and who would have thought - a workplace where two women engaged in petty bickering - why is that so common??

actonbell said...

Beachlad, most banks are not open Sundays, we are an exception...and bickering...I know, it's everywhere.

Maria said...

My bank saved my skin a few months back. I used to rarely check my account and then one day as I was leaving work, a phone call from the fraud unit at my bank called to ask me if I had traveled to Houston the day before. No,I hadn't. Well,, someone had been to Houston with a fake card (mine was in my purse) and had a grand time at Home Depot charging thousands of dollars in lumber! They caught it. I would never have noticed until at least a month or two later....and handing you a banana peel? Disgraceful.

Jocelyn said...

I, too, was stunned to read that your bank is open Sundays. The hell you say!

Work venting is therapeutic, especially in a week when someone handed you a banana peel.