Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Be where now?

Oh, unstructured time, it's over so fast, especially when I sleep in, then turn on the computer, and start doing three things at once, in rotation. Laundry, gathering stuff to donate to Sal Val, eating breakfast, getting lost in a maze of googling, and am currently perusing a list called "authors named Michael."  How the heck did I get here?

Um, I was going to go running whilst the laundry churned, then rake leaves. Which will happen, but I needed a slower start this morning. And now I realize that today is Crazy Day at Sal Val, so perhaps I should gather stuff neatly in my trunk to drop off tomorrow....tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, I was going to decide what to read next. I just finished Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude, which I enjoyed very much. There are so many books here, I'm overwhelmed with choices. If I choose a book book (an actual hard copy, not on my Nook), it will need to be something I can finish before we go on our annual December cruise, since one decision I am capable of making is that I'm only taking the Nook. That narrows my reading choices down to--scores of titles.

Hmm, how many pairs of flamingo slippers do I need? Do I need to have multiple flamingo beanie babies? Do I want to keep any of this stuff? Mike apologized for breaking some knick knack while he was vacuuming yesterday, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember much about it. All these flippant gifts of the past, how they do accumulate. I hope it's not too rude to a memory to give them away. I suppose I must keep the beer goggles, since there's actually a picture of me wearing them.

Should I run in Nearby Park? Probably, today being a week day...can't park at the middle school and go running around there, too much traffic (for me) to run right out the door. Man it's cold out there today. I'm really not ready for this. Wimp.

Sorry, I was looking at Sushi art. Mike and I went to Tokyo Diner on Monday to use his birthday coupon, both got the vegetarian combo. I've  been eating a fair amount of tuna lately, so this could be my Meatless Monday penance.

Oh, the garbage men are here and...gone. The trucks have this special fork thingie now that comes out and automatically lifts the bins and dumps them into the truck. Yes, we all have identical fork-enabled trash containers in these parts. And I've just missed watching the operation. It's the little things, ya know, that are fascinating. Maybe I'll catch the recycle truck. No telling when they come.

If you were presented with this salad, would you just dig in? Surely one should never feel guilty about eating a salad.

Oh, the laundry is dry, but I shouldn't walk down there in flamingo slippers, as they are dangerous. I'll get the bed made, anyway. If I'm home all day on laundry day, that's what I do: just take the sheets out of the basket and put'em right back on the bed. Saves me from folding them! It's the little things.

Now that I've walked downstairs, made the bed, folded the clothes, and put away stuff in the kitchen, I remember where I was going with the Michael stuff. I've collected a few authors, but not gotten around to all those books, especially Michael Ondaatje. But--there's still one by Michael Chabon I haven't touched yet--and there's Michael Cunningham's Pulitzer prize winner, still sitting there--but no, there are just as many Joyce Carol Oates books--ho, snap (as Mingus would say*), I'll never reach the bottom of that barrel.** If there were a superhero among writers...!

My stomach might be ready to consider running. I should at least get dressed for said activity and join the other older folks, doing time around the park. That will get me all warmed up to rake the leaves. It would be nice to get both accomplished before noon.

Okay, really, I need to get up--in more ways than one, that is, I really will get sore and antsy. It's probably a good thing we don't have a lap top, I'd find endless ways to squirm online.

I'll try not to notice all the little piles I've made on my way out.

It's cold out there already. Just sayin'

How cold is it?

*that comes from my last read

**no particular need to do that


Anonymous said...

saw on the news last night that some areas of the US had 180 cm of snow in 2 days - that's hard to fathom. (and cold)

TLP said...

Great post. I love your mind.

3450 said...

I, too, am in a state of making piles for donation AND talking myself into facing the cold for a run.

All I lack is the flamingos.

actonbell said...

Beachlad, that was probably Buffalo, NY. Actually, most of the US has snow now...we don't have that much.

Thanks, Mom :)

Michael, is that you? If I'd known you were without flamingo slippers, I'd have given a pair to you. ;)