Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Update

This is a day off for me because I must work this coming Saturday. Actually, I had originally scored a three-day weekend, but had to work yesterday (Sunday, yes we're open Sundays) because of  a staffing shortage...but I won't bore you with that. Yesterday was easy money, and a slightly shorter work day, so I am not feeling too put upon.
On the bright side, I did score that sundress! What a started in Ohio, then traveled to New Jersey, but then it sat in York, Pennsylvania for a very long time.  Suddenly, however, it was in Maryland, then North Carolina, and then at some point,  Philadelphia. Anyway, it did materialize, and it's cute.  Speaking of material, it's a bit thin, but I will wear neutral underwear in low lighting at the beach and it will not matter.
In other news, my older sister moved back home after convalescing at my mom's house for a few weeks. (She had back surgery) This is happy progress, and when I first arrived at the top of the stairs and entered her apartment, I was greeted by Tiger, a cat I hadn't seen in months, soon followed by Gray Boy, and I think I got a glimpse of the shy Bazzy.  No lighting trick is going to hide the fact that these cats are not thin.  They've always been heavy, but they are larger now. I suspect that GB has been eating more than his share, and that Tiger has been loudly complaining to both her caretakers that she hasn't been fed. (Liar)

Actually, Tiger's the one who reminds me of a Kliban cat (it's the stripes), but she looks small next to Gray Boy.  When GB is lying on his side, he looks like an area rug. I am not exaggerating, and yes, I've seen bigger cats on the interwebs, but I am hoping that they are photo-shopped. (Bazzy is merely chubby. She who arrives last at the feeding trough gets the least.*)
IF I am writing about my sister's fat cats, THEN it must be slow around here. 'Round here...' gives me a Counting Crows ear worm, which reminds me: they are releasing a new album in early September. It's about time.

*IF they are aware that they have separate dishes, it is not evident. 


TLP said...

You made me laugh out loud. Yes, GB is as big as a small island. How his legs hold him up is beyond me.

Hope to see you this week...a couple of times. Lara is here.

actonbell said...

Yes! Me too, though my schedule this week is not a lucky one...

Anonymous said...

glad that summer dress finally arrived - sounds like it has done the rounds, but as they say, better late than never.

sounds like those cats need to go on a diet and get some exercise....can you walk a cat??? - don't think I've ever seen anyone do it.

Jocelyn said...

I'm incredibly glad that sundress got to you--pictures, please?

Hope your sister's recovery continues apace.

Karen G. said...

No update on FB?

actonbell said...

beach lad, I wouldn't try to walk a cat, but they could certainly benefit from--laser dot chasing or toys, on a more regular basis.

Jocelyn, I'll take it on vacation :)
Karen, I've been working a lot lately...that's my excuse.