Saturday, August 30, 2014


I'm off this weekend! Two whole days to get stuff done, exercise, and read. So far, it's mid-morning on Saturday, and I have not even read all my e-mail. The problem is the number of sale notices I get. And, as we all know, the distractions just get worse as soon as we click on the link that leads us to those cool shoes: even when we wake up and realize we can't possibly need or want anything shiny today, or next week, or next month, we will see those cruel shoes everywhere we go on the interwebs. They know where we live and they know what we want, what we really, really want.

However, I did cut Mike's hair, an act that has been scheduled for quite some time. He reminded me a couple times this week that he'd really like this to happen right after his run today, because he knows how I forget stuff. Now, there's a man who knows how to use a day off. Yesterday (on a day off), he got up in time to go running before the plumber came to fix our shower, then he went off to his eye appointment, vacuumed, and cleaned the bathroom. By cleaned the bathroom, I do not mean a quick, cursory wipe down. Things seem to be glistening.

He's off on a bunch of errands now, as I sit here thinking about a bunch of stuff, none of it very important or interesting. I must work on Labor Day, but it will be a short, easy day in the drive-up window (just so the company can say, we're open!).  This is happening because we are so dreadfully bereft of staff at this juncture that the only part timer we have left isn't allowed to have more than twenty-five (25) hours a week, and we need him other times.

And--vacation time is upon us. Four more work days! Even if they keep me overtime, I will NOT be reporting on Friday!  By the time I get back, the staffing situation will be improving.

Soon, very soon, that desperate feeling that comes over me when I imagine being stuck at work all night with coworkers who can't conjugate simple verbs and let drama upstage everything more important will be a thing of the past; it will be back to sane schedules for everyone, and there will be much rejoicing.

I will not hear the words, that transaction was ran wrong, or you shouldn't of did that for many days. And no, Weird Al, they are not being mocked online because few know better and even fewer care. (They could not care less.)

There are so many odd things going on in my head just now that I'd really better start moving. There will be pictures, later...

p.s. We will be staying at a resort in the Riviera Maya region, the same place we've been visiting for years now. 


TLP said...

I tried to comment yesterday, without success.

I'm happy for you to soon have your annual Sept. vacation.

Sorry that you have to labor or Labor Day....

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom, I hope you are relaxing these days, you deserve it!

beach lad said...

i can't stand those junk sales emails - but the wife sounds exactly like you - she'll spend hours 'checking stuff out'.

(and is then always in a rush)