Sunday, August 03, 2014

For the time being

Goofing off as much as possible this morning before I must go to's unusual that I must work all weekend, but yesterday wasn't bad at all.  I do have a slight self-induced headache from that last beer* at last night's social outing. How lucky it didn't rain. This morning's run did not quite jiggle out the ache, but I can tell it won't linger too long.

What have I been up to? I'm almost finished watching all three seasons of BBC's Sherlock Holmes, and then I will go through withdrawal. Each episode is two hours long, which always seems to come as a surprise--was I really cloistered in my dark room, bent over my DVD player with my headphones on that long? Yes, yes I was. Several times. So far, this series is not a disappointment, but soon I will be forced into withdrawal.

The only disappointment I've had recently was ordering a sundress from a catalog, which was the last one available, just happened to be my size, at a bargain price--and I even scored free shipping--but I never got it. Lost in the mail. *sigh*

Alas, not to be...oh, is that Moriarty? I know he faked his death, too--I'm counting on it. But I wasn't counting on the dress, really, it's okay. A bargain on a whim, I'll find something else, as if I needed anything else.

We will be visiting Mike's parents later today because one of our Minnesota nieces is here! It is the end of an era, when the girls can no longer come together. Adulthood: sooner or later, it catches up with all the kiddos.

And now, I really must get ready for work...thank goodness we wear a uniform.

*called, aptly, A Wee Heavy. Tasty, but I should not have lifted that one.


TLP said...

Nice that you got to see Amanda, and get tippsy all at the same time.

And tomorrow, your birthday (!), you'll be able to laze around. Fun.

Sorry about that dress. Dang. But. You do have a fair number of lovely clothes, so there's that.

Anonymous said...

what a pain about the dress - can you sue someone - the postal company????

(i'm joking)

I've never really gone down the online thing with clothes - the few times that the wife or I have bought things they have not fitted well or we simply haven't liked them as much in the 'real' world.

Jocelyn said...

I'm in the thick of SHERLOCK right now--crazily enjoying it (in the midst of the wedding speech episode as of today). I will feel bereft when we get through all the episodes...and anxiously await the next series.

So, you're being calm about the sundress. I'm kind of peeved on your behalf.