Saturday, June 28, 2014

Whatever floats the boat

My ideas about what I can or might do, and what I will or won't like, are sometimes frighteningly unrealistic. For instance, I've always had this feeling that I could, if I tried, become a very early morning person, which in this case means "I could get up at 5:00 am and go running."  Recently, I actually came up with the harebrained idea of putting my wind-up alarm clock inside my teddy bear puppet, and sleeping with it. Yep. And when the alarm I was snuggling with went off at 5:00 am, what did I do? I jumped out of bed, left the room, shut off the alarm, and got right back into bed (with the bear).  Yes, it did help me roll out of bed earlier, but first I had to recoil and recover from the shock of that alarm. I didn't like it. Note to self, forever more: 5:00 am is too early for you, and this must be accepted. It's okay, it's not actually necessary, anyway. Get over it.

This is me and Beachnut, my bear. My hair is long now, pulled back, yet still a mess.

If there is anything I must constantly remind myself not to do, it is inventing problems I do not have. Or, making problems out of the way things are.

Enough of that. This fall, I am determined that I am going to make one of these--

I love it, and this really should not be that difficult. Yeah, I remember, vaguely, a blog post about starting to loom knit, which I did not keep up, but I am slowly crocheting a throw for our couch in the living room. That I can do. That loom knit hat I started was another strange, harebrained notion; I don't need or particularly want a gray hat, and--every time I put that project down, I had to remind myself how to do it, all over again. In contrast, basic crocheting is something I learned as a kid and never forgot. And there are all kinds of new stitches to be learned by watching YouTube. How exciting.

                                See, it's as broad as my hand now, and can be sort of meditative.

Another thing I keep thinking I want is a big plastic "swimming" pool.
Why? Do I really picture myself pumping this up, filling it with cold water, and--sitting in it? With my Nook? Because I need more sun? Oh, yeah, it would need to be covered when not in use, too. It does not come with a cover. Anyway, it's only $18 at Big Lots, but it seems more appropriate for me to simply keep sitting out on the patio with a cold drink. I do enjoy that. See? My summer does not need to be fixed.

Perhaps, one of these warm days, I'll do something really different and visit the township swimming pool, instead of staying home to crochet an afghan. That's not a totally unrealistic notion...


TLP said...

Such a sweet, true post. It's my new favorite.

Full of good advice too. I must stop making problems where there are none.

Anonymous said...

go to the town pool - they are great places to see people having fun - you come home feeling happy.

Vanessa V Kilmer said...

I love to crochet, too. And I love "Get over it."

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom :)
Beachlad, I really should make it over to the pool one of these days , just cuz

Vanessa, I bet you're a good crocheter