Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scaredy Cat

The day started with a flurry of activity; I got up and ran six miles, checked the mail and ogled Facebook, took a shower, ate, and then drove off the doctor's office for a simple procedure. While there, I remembered that today was primary day. Oh, man, life would've been so much more relaxed, had I'd voted first. Short term memory: it's the first to go. But, however, when I got back home, I successfully rushed around ridiculously enough to just get to the polls and then work on time with my lunch packed and my hair looking--not too disheveled.  Lucky for me, selfishly speaking, at this juncture, no one votes. Two minutes total, no lie. It took me longer to walk back and forth from my car than it took me to sign my name and cast my vote.

And the medical procedure? My doctor wanted to biopsy a couple moles. I would have enjoyed this experience much more had my doctor not felt the need to show off all her excising tools. Since these moles are on my back, it should be my luxury not to be exposed to the details of their removal.  But lo, when she was finished, she held up the two bloody vials to show me what she'd just cut out!

Did I really look like I wanted to see that? I think not. And it didn't occur to me that I'd have stitches, and that means going back for another visit. Dammit. 

Work was very slow today, a long slog, since I worked the very last shift after rushing around in the morning. Rush around to sit around, that's so often the case.

And after all this petty stuff and boredom, I get home and hear the news that Pennsyltucky Pennsylvania's ban on same sex marriage was struck down today--woohoo!

I'll drink to that--tomorrow. Can't stay up too much later tonight.


beach lad said...

we're still dragging the chain on the same sex marriage thing here - and we're still part of the kingdom of england

Bone said...

You run six miles? With no hope of having your name in the paper the next day? That's hard for me to fathom. But good on you!

TLP said...

LOL Bone! She has run the Boston Marathon.

How is it dear daughter that your dear old mother didn't hear about the mole-thing until I read it on your blog??? Huh? Huh?

I wish I had half your energy.

actonbell said...

beach lad, it was a pleasant surprise that PA joined the saner masses this quickly.

Bone, not every day! Things have changed a lot, over the last fifteen years.

Mom, it's a trifle, nothing to write home about, except the stitches. I must've been a picky cat in an earlier life, cuz this itty bitty detail is making me itchy and vexed.