Saturday, March 01, 2014

Rabbit rabbit!

Today is The March Hare Day. It is a cold Saturday, 14F, but it looks like it will be a mostly sunny day.  And that is nice, because tomorrow it will rain and snow, and tomorrow night it will snow, and on Monday it will snow. Right now, there's lots of visible grass, the birds are starting to sing, and yet.  We still have eighteen (18) days to survive until spring.

Tomorrow night is the overrated Oscars, which I admit to being strangely drawn to, even though I will not stay up to watch the most popular kids receive their prizes.  If it snows hard enough, I may be home enough the following day to read about it, though.

Good luck in March, everyone!


tsduff said...

That March Hare looks a bit out of sorts (a bit too much of that special tea he drinks?) But great picture none the less :) Happy March - and wishing you all things good from this day forth.

actonbell said...

Rabbit, rabbit, Terry, thank you! Yep, March Hare does look like he just rolled out of bed, and perhaps made the tea he found in his grandson's room :)

TLP said...

I can't wait until it's warm. I swear I will not complain about the heat this summer. You believe that, right?

beach lad said...

luv that rabbit picture -it looks like me at 5.01pm on a friday night (i'd have a beer in my hand not tea though)

actonbell said...

Mom-I shall remind you of that!

beach lad, it looks like me at 6am--and perhaps after work, as well.