Tuesday, November 12, 2013

More Random than 11/12/13

My husband Mike, who I know stops by and reads this blog, might find this link interesting; as an amateur magician and magic book collector, he has a fascination for automatons. Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, the father of modern magic, also made automatons, and that might be why there will always be magicians who collect them. Anyway, there it is.


Lately, at work, there have been a couple bad break-ups. One young lady in tears, the other sullen and fuming. Yes, we've all seen this, but--it strikes me, all of a sudden, how different things are now. Now that all of them have cell phones, it is possible to text flaming, mean, nasty, ugly words and whatnot, 24/7.  This is a cultural happening that I've never watched before. One scenario: the boyfriend breaks it off, the ex-girlfriend comes to work, barely functional, and just as she's beginning to calm down....he sends her something like this:   HI :)   Which sends her back into a tizzy. The other woman was downtown on Saturday, barhopping, when she got a text from her ex warning her that he does not want to see her at (some location). Oh, and she'd better get off his cell plan by noon tomorrow, or he'll report her phone lost and cut. her. off.  Wasn't technology supposed to make things easier, not more complicated? Something went very wrong, here.


I'm glad that Mike took the left over Halloween candy to work, because peanut M&M's really are good. And I wouldn't be civilized and orderly, eating them just on Wednesdays, either. Oh, yeah, and what's with Gertrude Hawks having so few flavors of jack-o-lantern dark chocolates? I always get them right after Halloween for Mike's birthday (purchasing them on a super duper sale adds to the charm), but they had one flavor only. Oh, well, Christmas is coming. Not to dis Thanksgiving, of course.


Hurray for Hawaii! Congratulations on becoming one of the sane states.


Hurray for everyone who is helping out in the Philippines. What an unimaginable, horrific experience for so many people. An uncontrollable event like this is a reminder not to take anything for granted.

Good night--


TLP said...

I guess I never really thought about the new culture of hating your ex on cell phones and such.

I would be happy to have a young body, but I don't want to be young again.

TLP said...

I have no candy. If I did, I would have eaten it and therefore would have no candy. Repeat.

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