Sunday, November 10, 2013

A birthday weekend

Here's Mike, on his 51st birthday, doing those far-out problems from his Bent is good.
He's also picked out a cute little restaurant for tonight, one that's pretty close that we've never been to.

The weather out there is getting a bit unpleasant, but the morning was lovely. Today happens to be Harrisburg Marathon day, the race started at 8am this morning, so I'm sure there are plenty of runners still out there, finishing up as I type. Hopefully, it won't rain on them. Chilly, windy, and rainy--that would be awful. Go, go go!

Our Saturday Night Movie was Now You See Me, about a team of illusionists who band together to pull off a series of Robin Hood type thefts.  It's a plot I've not seen before, and the outrageous, unlikely trickery here is such that I simply suspended my disbelief and enjoyed the journey. It's a fun film, not a serious one, and it was appropriate for Mike's birthday weekend, since he enjoys magic topics so much. The cast of this film is mighty impressive, too.

THIS JUST IN:  Mike has spotted this obituary. I am thinking 1) Halloween?  2) Well, that's one way to make sure people notice Grandma's obituary. Mike points out that I left out the possibility that she was born that way, and certainly, if that's the case, it would be a little late to have them removed.

In other little news, I have become addicted to Snack Girl, and am actually entertaining the possibility of trying to cook something that has ingredients, instead of just boiling noodles and dumping stuff out of cans. There are so many articles on her site! After reading her criteria for what she considers to be a healthy cereal, I inspected the stuff I was eating and found something shocking: Instant Quaker Oatmeal flunks. Okay, here's the test:

1. Is the first ingredient whole grain? That answer should be YES.
2. Is the second ingredient sugar? Um, this should be NO, and it should have no more than 5gms/serving
3. Does each serving contain at least four grams of fiber? Hopefully

My Grapenuts knockoff is wonderful, but the instant oatmeal packets have 12gms of sugar per tiny serving and only a couple grams of fiber. Hmpf.

Uh oh, this is making me hungry. And I should also try meditating...


TLP said...

Just catching up on your blog. Gee I miss the blogs.

Some good posts here. I always tell you that you write well. You do. You evoke feelings. I enjoyed all of these. Although re-hearing the armed robbery is tough for me. It just could have gone so wrong, so easily, so fast. But, it didn't.
Great picture of Mike!

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom. I like that picture, too!