Monday, September 30, 2013

Scrabble postmortem

Taking pictures of Scrabble games is only interesting and useful if one can remember something about the games. I cannot, because I forgot to take notes. I also forgot to take along my nerdy little Scrabble daybook, so that I could cram before games. And yet, I remembered to take the pictures, so dagnabbit, I have to post them....

Gee, this first night of Scrabble isn't all that memorable....Mike did get his bingo, and I know he won. Conveniently, I don't remember much.

This time, Mike and I both got a bingo--his was better, and he won.

 I remember getting the harpoon bingo...but Mike beat me, achieving an epic score. I was harpooned despite my harpoon.

 Mike got the bingo on this board, and beat me soundly. Again.

My bingo was sweetie, while Mike pulled off massier. Spell check doesn't like that...this was probably my worst game. I did try a stupid experiment to see if I could fish out the one letter I needed for a bingo. Turns out that sometimes, it doesn't happen. 

Wait a minute! Did I let him get away with balooned? Man, I was not paying attention. It was all too beautiful out there...
Wait, I have these boards out of order... I won two games out of seven, but I don't remember which ones. They were later in the week, I know.

It was tough taking pictures of the boards because it was so humid out on the balcony that the camera lens would need to be wiped off. And watching the ocean the the occasional cruise ships at night was gorgeously distracting.

Pictures taken at Iberostar Grand, near Cancun, Mexico


TLP said...

That Mike. Selfish. I vote that you won each game. I'm sure your words had style points that should have been awarded.

Bone said...

What is a Scrabble daybook? No, really, I must know. I'm not sure I can go to sleep tonight without knowing. Will Google help me? Siri? Now that she's revealed her identity, I can Google Earth her and knock at her window until she tells me!

Also, I'm glad to know they have Scrabble in Mexico.

Jocelyn said...

Now you've reminded me I need to go do my Words with Friends moves! I haven't had a bingo in a loooong time; I'm overdue.

Well played, you two.