Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Whiling the Time Away~~

Okay, someone needs to analyze me and explain why I'd walk into Five Below for the purpose of getting new earbuds, and walk out with something else besides. In this case, "something else besides" refers to a case for my contact case.
Isn't this one of the silliest things? Hey, but it was only two bucks. The iHip metal noise-canceling earbuds are great, however. They are locust green and look smashing with my orange iPod (which lives in a blue case). I've never tried these before, and now have a favorite. And--I guess I'll go stick this purple tiger print contact case case in my purse.

Is this a boredom thing? Something alluring because of the colors and the season? Those sneaky retailers.

Speaking of boredom, Mike and I took a bit of a road trip out to Hollidaysburg with his parents to visit a relative in a veteran's home there. Mike's poor uncle isn't doing well, doesn't talk much, and though my in-laws know that he appreciates the visit, it's hard to tell at the time. It's a long afternoon of old game shows. Incidentally, though, some of those "only seen on TV" commercials intrigued me, especially the one with the hose that fits in the palm of your hand until it's inflated with water. But I digress...we then went to a very nice place for dinner, called the Jean Bonnet Tavern.

The next morning, I thought I'd run up yonder hill to a park that was just across the highway from the motel. From my vantage point, it looked like once I got up that long hill, the park would be a nice, even place to run some laps. Ha. It's not unusual for me to be wrong about stuff. There wasn't a flat spot up there, and it was actually a cemetery. Oh, yeah, and there wasn't any shade, either. So, I came back after a short run-walk drenched and with a strained calf. I'll get over it.

That was really boring, but Mike and I did get a Scrabble game in, and it was the closest one we've ever had, a two-point game (I won, which doesn't matter, except that I won). There were no bingos, but no phonies, either.
Tzarinas took me three plays to complete, and we both had to throw away really good letters on ordinary spots. That's always painful, but then we had Neato Burrito for dinner and got over it.

Work is going fine, though it is a bit boring lately.  There has been some mighty high drama there lately, but it doesn't involve me. And it's not exciting--or even interesting.  I've been doing cryptograms.



And I hate it when I peek at Pinterest and someone has pinned that gloomy cat ten times, with equally exciting memes.
Oh, but look at this cat--see, today really was exciting. O fabjous day, callouh, callay!


tsduff said...

OMG I LOVE this picture! I think I must have it. PS: Did you know when I first started reading your blog eons ago, I had no idea what a growler was? I only found out a couple of years ago what it is :)

Bone said...

I don't think "jos" is officially accepted. I know it's not in Words With Friends because I've tried it. Should've challenged :)

TLP said...

Fun. I like it when you win.