Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still walking around

Ah, Sunday afternoon, sunny and cold. Sunny, but cold. Cold, but at least it's sunny, for now.

I tend to sleep too much on weekends lately, trying out the part time hibernation idea. It's not good. However, I did get out to run errands yesterday, and also milled around the local mall for a bit. There was no urgent reason for going there, other than that I was out of the house and on a roll.

It was a very crowded place, let me tell you. Perhaps everyone was out of bed and on a roll...I saw one tall, skinny, teenaged boy wearing a tee shirt with the words FREE HUGS in very large lettering, and wondered what might have happened if I were an obnoxious extrovert who enjoyed embarrassing boys. Or, is this a movement? Perhaps this is The New Thing in public places.  Or just a style, perhaps a sarcastic one. I don't know.

I also heard someone call my name, and was surprised to meet up with a couple women I'd worked with a very long time ago (at least fifteen years), and that they actually remembered stuff about me. This was thought-provoking, because sometimes I realize that there are chapters in my life that have been out of mind for so long that being confronted with them is a sudden reminder of just how long I've been walking around.  Yeah.

In other news, we rented Prometheus last night, and I'm sorry about that. It's surprising when a movie with good people in it turns out to make such little sense, and be too long, t'boot. And there are lots of gross scenes, too. This morning, Ekim did some research into what the plot was supposed to be, and it turns out that we'd understood most of it, but we're not going to be seeing the sequel.

Also, tomorrow is our 24th wedding anniversary, another reminder of how long I've been walking around. How old will you be when you've been married half your life? I think this is an easy question, not a puzzler at all, but my husband works with some real brainiacs who did find this question difficult. It was too easy for them, obviously. They're used to the types of mathematical questions it takes a computer program to solve. Either that, or they are simply not as close to the answer as I am!

Back when we got our wedding license, we were asked three questions:
1. Are you cousins?
2. Do you have syphilis?
3. Are you insane?

 Basically my wife was immature. I'd be at home in the bath and she'd come in and sink my boats.
--Woody Allen
 Ah, that reminds me, we did have a Scrabble game planned...

Why are there so many pictures of cats with Scrabble boards? Probably because their owners have to keep such close watch on them whilst playing.  Don't move those tiles too quickly, and make sure the cat gets some attention, too. Heh.

Have a great week, everyone!


Anonymous said...

24 years is a top effort - 'love and bliss' all the way no doubt. (i'm coming up to 20 soon).

...and re question # 3 - in the context of getting married, many people these days would consider that a statement moreso than a question.

Bone said...

Happy anniversary and congrats on 24 years!

Chaque? Journee? What is that, French Scrabble?

Jocelyn said...

Well done, on 24 years! I'd love to read about how you and Ekim met; have you ever posted that before, and I missed it?

tsduff said...

Are you kidding me? 24 years married to the same person? What kind of dino are you... I mean, does that even really happen anymore? Congrats :) Oh, and Rabbit Rabbit :)

actonbell said...

Beach lad, young and crazy--and stayed--crazy.

Thanks, Bone, and yep, the words in the pic are puzzling, but some of the elite games look foreign to me, too:)

Jocelyn--thank you, and--I don't think I've posted anything about how I met Ekim...

Rabbit rabbit, to you, Terry, and thank you:)

TLP said...

How could I have forgotten your anniversary????? So sorry about that. I remember the day very well of course.

Another good post. I love your posts.