Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sea of Glass

While on the beach in St. Croix, I observed a good number of people picking up sea glass. So, I joined them. I only collected a handful, but these shards are interesting. Yesterday's litter has become an intriguing beauty. Most of the pieces I found were various shades of green or amber, no doubt from beer bottles or such. I have nothing to do with them, except put them in a tiny jar, as a memento of a pretty beach day.

At times, I'm tempted to collect any number of things, but it does make for some clutter, and my clean-up and organizing projects don't last long. A couple days ago, I actually sorted out the gloves, scarves, and hats in our living room closet. Big whoop. That was the organizing project of the week. Ha! More honestly, I should call it the semi-annual clutter sort-out.

But then, last night, we watched a documentary called The Queen of Versailles, a fascinating look into the lives of a filthy rich couple, and now I don't feel so cluttered. Whoa, check this out! The film makers started this project before the economic meltdown, so they got way more than they bargained for. This film would make for some interesting discussion, too.

And now, on with the rest of Sunday. We've actually got a paper to read! Yes, that's news. Ironically, the plight of the local newspaper has become news: as its circulation is dwindling, the company has decided to put out just three papers a week, a curiously bad decision. So, we're only getting the Sunday paper now. Oh, and look! Twice the puzzles. Unfortunately, though, they accidentally published one of the sudokus completely filled in. (No guesswork there!) How's this happen? No copy editors left? Such carelessness.



TLP said...

I'm so surprised that I don't miss the daily paper. I expected to.

In fact I barely looked at the Sunday paper.

You're lucky to have found so much glass. I never find any. It takes so little space, it hardly matters to save it.

I have all day, many days, to sort the clutter, but I just store it away instead. I used to be so much better at that. sigh

Logophile said...

I was thinking it would be fun to collect beach glass and interesting rocks but I never want to have to store them in the house so I decided I need a rock garden.
I have no idea when that might actually happen but that is my long-term plan.

I saw The Queen of Versailles and just the cover made me eyeroll so I didn't watch. Maybe I should though if it will help me feel uncluttered

Also, I have to go check on Goodreads and see how many books I read last year.

actonbell said...

Mom, to be honest, I never did read enough news. I'm bad that way. And as you always say, housework makes you ugly, so.

Logo, a rock garden sounds fun. And YES! do watch this doc, it's zany and very interesting. Oh, and on Goodreads, I've taken to creating a new shelf every year, not that it's important to know how many I've read.