Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Lucky New Year and a Chicken

Ouch, this is just too much ugly sarcasm for any business to have towards its customers, and yet it exists somewhere, because someone must have taken this here picture.

We closed earlier on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve than we ever have, and we really took guff for it. Not so much for closing at 1pm on Christmas Eve, but closing on 3pm on December 31st made many of our customers angry. The hours were posted physically and on the website, but it was still unexpected. And our buildings have these silly flimsy glass doors that make a lot of noise when there are a couple people trying to pull them open and yelling stuff.  This made it really hard to concentrate on getting all the normal settlements done, plus all that end-of-year inventory and filing. I got done a little after 4pm, and must admit that I was nervous about leaving the building. Sorry for the inconvenience, we closed at 3, sorry....sorry...sorry.

December 26th was quiet in the morning (I always work the earliest shift that day), but January 2nd was noisy with complaints and very busy. Perhaps The Suits will keep us open 'til 4pm next year on Dec 31st. IF everything goes well, we'd be out by 5:30pm.

 On New Year's Eve, we went out to eat with another couple, who happen to be in our book group, and had a fantastic evening. Dinner was at Alfred's Victorian, which I have pictured in this blog before, but this time, it was decked out for the holidays and looking extra swell.  J & C, the other couple, had never ever been there before, and were impressed.

We didn't rightly know what we were doing after dinner, so decided to play it by ear, and we did surprisingly well. Knowing that  Downtown Capital City was going to be a mob scene, we stayed across the river--just across the river--at a sprawling bar with a room with a view of the local fireworks. And yes! There was plenty of parking and plenty of room to sit. I  had had so little faith that we would find such a perfect spot, but lo. And they had a wagging happy beer list, too. On draft. The lucky discovery of the night was  DuClaw Naked Fish.  Oh, and some drunk stranger took our picture because, he said, we were the most dressed up people in the place. That was funny.

Every Christmas night (I do jump around, sorry), we play this gag gift game at Pez Central, also known as Bushland, and I wound up with a most amazing toy...

The choking feature on my toy isn't exactly the same, but you get the idea. (Whoa, those eyes.) After a couple few several beers, I decided that I needed to have this, and so now I do.

What else? I haven't seen any new movies, and was shocked to see people lined up at noon, Christmas Day, to see something as sad as Les Miserables--and people working at noon, Christmas Day.

And now, it's mid-January. Isn't that amazing? Things are back to normal, except for the temperature. It's been in the 40's (degrees F), and even that is beginning to feel cold to me. I'm such a wus.

Have a great week, everyone! Any special plans?


Anonymous said...

that it is mid january already is scary.

sounds like you had a fun xmas & new year....a night of sampling boutique beers is usually a recipe for some good times, we've done it a couple of times locally and even the beer police (wife) has enjoyed it.

actonbell said...

Beer police? Does that involve counting?

Jocelyn said...

Well hi, you. I don't know how I managed to lose the thread on visiting you here, but, well, here I am now.

It's lovely to know you're still out here, in life and in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...


(as well as ongoing commentary on the correlation between same and my behaviour)

TLP said...

I knew you would want the chicken dance toy. I was so happy that you ended up with it.

It was a fun season, and now it's over. BUT WAIT...there's more. AP3 Aral Pez sister will join us tonight late, for a week of more fun! We actually lead a pretty nice life when you think about it.

@beach lad: when both partners agree on beer, life is easier. On the other hand, a personal designated driver is handy, as long as they don't know how to count bottles.

actonbell said...

Hi, Jocelyn, and thanks--it's good to see you still here, too :)

Mom, I do look forward to seeing Aral. Life is good (except for work, which is just okay).

beach lad, my husband counts, but not on purpose; he's just hyper-aware of stuff. Usually, he won't inform me how many I've had.