Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Week in Scrabble

We just got back from our annual December cruise, and while I don't know which pictures to post, or how much to blah blah on about what we did, I do know that we played some Scrabble.

Day One: I opened with the bingo SPEWING (ending with a blank), but then proceeded to play very badly. Ekim caught up to me and won late in the game, 359-330.

Day Two:  Ekim opened with HOARD. Neither of us got a bingo, and this was a low scoring, close game. Perhaps we drank too much. I won, 299-287.

Day Three: I opened with FEZ, and did not play badly, but I didn't bingo, either. Ekim did, twice, with ELATIONS and AROUSED. Drat. Ekim's game, 353-331. It wasn't a total blowout because I did get a couple lucky plays in, including a double-triple Q.

Day Four: Not a happy game. Poor Ekim got horrible, no-good rotten tiles, and did the best he could. On top of that, I bingoed with RANTING, accidentally playing wa* in the process. That is not a proper two-letter word, Ekim didn't notice in time, so it wasn't challenged off the board. I felt bad about this. My game, 378-206.

Day Five: We both played phonies! I cannot remember what they were now, but neither of us caught them 'til later. Ekim's game, 428-337.
Day Six: I bingoed with VARIOUS, but most of my plays weren't that good. Ekim still won, 311-301.

Day Seven: There is no picture because I forgot the camera and wasn't very functional, I'm afraid. We'd just been on a snorkeling excursion and had more beer than I'd realized on the way back--so much, in fact, that during this last game (should've gotten the camera!) I accidentally played a blank that was not a blank; when Ekim picked the "third" blank out of the bag, he discovered that I'd played a flipped-over C. Now, that's drunk. It was also my turn to pick total dross from the bag, and if I'd been smart enough to intentionally cheat, I would've turned over an I, because I had them all. Poop. Total rout, 474-261.

So, that's the wonderful week in Scrabble!


Bone said...

I don't get to play Scrabble much anymore, but Words With Friends instead. I know, it's not the same. My typical M.O. if I fall behind a little at the beginning is that I'll start whining. Then most of the time, I come back to win anyway. Opponents find it adorable.

Is adorable the right word?

actonbell said...

LOL, Bone. I haven't played Words with Friends, but I have played Lexulous, and agree it's not the same. Adorable is a perfectly nice word, but I'm not sure it's the word you were looking for:)

beach lad said...

day 5 - eba??

now that's a stretch

Karen said...

I love Scrabble, Yahtzee, Backgammon, Dominoes (and whatever game that is with all the little pegs) but haven't played any of them in years. Thanks for the reminder. The first and last time I was on a cruise me and Dawn (my sister-in-law) played Blackjack every night.

actonbell said...

Very good, Beach Lad! That was, indeed, Ekim's phony.

Karen, did you play at the casino? I've never done that.

Karen said...

We did. Dawn and I were the only two who remained diligent. Everyone else found something else to do. By the way, "Ẹbà is a staple food eaten in West Africa" according to Wiki.

Logophile said...

I have been playing words with friends too. My in-house family members refuse to play Scrabble with me so I play my sister long-distance.
It isn't really the same, but it is a reasonable substitute.

This looks like a great way to pass some cruise time and I too have done the bonus blank thing! I felt terrible when I realized it.

Karen said...

So obviously the next question is "has Logophile ever been on a cruise?"

Logophile said...

I recently read, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again (which is about cruises and not in a good way) and it's made me want to conduct a poll about whether people I know who've taking cruises enjoy them or not.

actonbell said...

Logo, I LOVED that! And David went by himself, you know--I can't imagine doing that.I'd be miserable. DFW wasn't the sort of happy people person to pull that off.

TLP said...

Great post. I love cruises. You did very well at Drunk-Scrabble. That ought to be a game unto itself.

actonbell said...