Thursday, November 01, 2012

November 1st, Rabbits for everyone!

Let's see, what in the world do I have to write home about?  Well, despite many of the weather predictions, Hurricane Sandy let us off with slap on the wrist. Lots of rain, a few flooded roads, a hard time raking the leaves, but--no power outages or major damages in this area. My workplace closed entirely on Monday, and then they put the word out that we were also closed on Tuesday, but then, when we all awoke to find that Really Bad Stuff had not happened, we were called in at noon. Oh, well. No complaints here, because I'd already put vacation time in for the rest of the week. A long time ago. And looking forward to it. It's hard to upset a person who has the next five days off.(And got paid for a full week after working about six hours.)

And have I accomplished anything? Pfft, of course not. I have made good progress on Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell), and am loving it. It will probably be a very long time before I see the movie, but that's probably for the best.

Oh, and our community actually observed Trick or Treat night on--Halloween! It's so often on the Thursday before the actual day. And we might have had 10 little ones come to call, and they were all so quiet and shy... I seem to remember walkin' the block with quite the crowd and shouting when doors opened. And sadly, there were no memorable costumes, all store-bought fare. Afraid it wasn't a very entertaining time for me. The only mildly amusing aspect was that Ekim was busy in the garage, changing his oil, and was interrupted about three times, trying to explain to these kiddos that they were actually supposed to go knock on the door. Y'know, Trick or Treat! and all that. Methinks this game is not quite translating across the generations. 

Tomorrow is my last day off, and then I have the weekend, and then, sadly, it's back to work.  Things are slowly getting better staff-wise. For us, this coming week will be called Two Birthdays and The Election, with the latter being the sticky stuff in the middle. I'll be so glad when it's over. The election, I mean! There's absolutely nothing wrong with birthday dinners, I'm all for them!

So, rabbit, rabbit, good luck in November, everyone!


 p.s. the birthdays are my MIL's and her son's, who is also known as Ekim, but everyone calls him Mike.


TLP said...

Yea for eating out for birthdays!

Trick or treat isn't any funny now. Kids get so much candy all the time that it's just no big deal. And they don't seem to travel in the big fun crowds and have a lot of fun. Their parents are with them and so on. Odd.

actonbell said...

Yeah, you're right about candy not being a treat anymore.

Oh, and speaking of young people: Mike enjoys watching the PSU game at the bar down the street, and overheard a customer order a pint of Yuengling. The young waitress was puzzled by the word PINT. That's up there with the time a young deli employee asked him if three-quarters of a pound was more than half a pound. I kid you not! And I started thinking that heck, I might have said, oh, just give me a whole pound...but that would be wrong. Good for Mike, out there educating our youth:)

TLP said...

That's so funny!

We couldn't find the game on our TV channels. Dunno why.

Anonymous said...

not that halloween is such a big thing here but i've never actually heard of a 'trick' being played. it is pretty much kids going around (mostly with their parents) collecting lollies - we did see some cute little vampire kids though (3 or 4 years old) - their makeup was brilliant.

Doug Pascover said...

Well, I'm sorta late, huh. Tibbar tibbar tibbar! Will that do it?

Bone said...

Ah, someone who blogs almost as infrequently as me :) I find that comforting for some reason.

I wonder if trick-or-treating will go away entirely one day. Probably more a matter of when than if. Kinda sad.

And taking full advantage of the fact that these comments are not date-stamped, I'll just wish everyone a happy birthday.