Tuesday, October 02, 2012


                                                     Exhausting. Tiring. Old. Irritating.
                                             (Ringo can't even hold up both arms anymore)

We're understaffed on SLOW days. No kidding. And that was before our head teller wound up in the hospital. See, she decided to get a second job delivering newspapers at 0:dark:30 in the morning, and well, she thinks she fell asleep at the wheel, so now her car is totaled and she is in a trauma unit. Sad, sad news. This just happened, so I don't know the details of her condition yet.

All the branches are understaffed right now, but not like we are. It's a push, it's a puzzle, it's a pain. It takes a lot of problem solving to figure out how to get all the obligatory work and chores done while customers are coming in the door and the phones are ringing.

We are all getting overtime, which the company doesn't like to give, but it's unavoidable;  it's hard to take a real lunch break and often impossible to leave exactly when we're supposed to.

So. That's the work news for now. We are supposed to get a couple new part timers, but it will be three to four weeks before they actually arrive. I made them sound like a package coming from Sears, didn't I?

This shall pass, this shall pass, this shall pass....


TLP said...

They won't pay you more for killing yourself there, and they won't fire you for taking your lunch period and leaving on time.

Screw that company. Take care of yourself.

Logophile said...

Listen to the Pez.
She knows whereof she speaks.

Bone said...

I made them sound like a package coming from Sears, didn't I?

*chuckle* Yes. Yes, you did.

What is that saying? If you can keep your sense of humor when those around you are losing theirs... I can't remember, but something good will happen.

actonbell said...

She does, Logo, she does...

Thank you Bone, I'm trying.