Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late September!

Where did most of September go? And when did it become cooler? Actually, the temperature is perfect lately, but it happened so fast.

Tomorrow will be the end of my first week back from vacation, and I must say it's been rough. Last week, I had all day to lie around and read, listen to music, swim, walk, or just nod off, but this week is a different story. You can just imagine.

At work, there are fewer of us than ever. Some days, it's tough to get a break. We have slow times followed by very busy times, and there is no predicting when these will occur. It's a bit of a crazymaker. So are a few of our customers and one of our tellers. But, I'll skip the drama, it's so very boring.

Goodness! I apologize for that, that was totally inappropriate. Anyway, as I was saying, there are dead boring periods interspersed with crowds and demands that are hard to keep up with, given the paucity of the staffing, and it's going to be awhile before it gets better.

So, I come home all tired and just awfully glad to be home and I get on Facebook and Goodreads and--I'm embarrassed to say, Pinterest AND Piccsy. Meanwhile, I have a mountain of books that I want to read, and am not reading very much per day. I'm currently reading IQ84 by Haruki Murakami, and will be for quite some time; it's over a thousand pages. Oh, and StumbleUpon and ICanHasCheezburger, and, oh, the other sites that I click on because I'm ADD.

Which reminds me, I was reading REI adventures about coast to coast hiking in Ireland...oh, man, would that be cool! Take a walk everyday, tour random historical sites, stop at a pub every evening, and then stay at some cute inn in some idyllic town. In dreams. Maybe retirement. A reason to stay in reasonably good shape and health...I still want to ride donkeys down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, too. That's much more doable, time wise.

This weekend is Dad's 84th birthday, and I don't know what to get him, as usual. Perhaps music. Oh, yes, I wanted to look up a bit of music that keeps coming up in the novel I'm reading--Janacek's Sinfonietta. 

That's actually very nice. Another current fancy I hope that's not a passing one is Coffee Break Spanish. I downloaded the free pod casts on iTunes because I'm feeling every so stupid and guilty for not speaking Spanish beyond the elementary pleasantries. I like how each lesson is short, about twenty minutes or so, something I can usually listen to during even those shorter lunch breaks.

Look at that! I've written several paragraphs, and I thought there was nothing to say.

Oh, oh, wait, now I remember what that inappropriate light switch reminded me of--at the resort where we stayed, there were these sensors that turned off the lights a certain time after someone left the room. Every morning, Ekim got up before me--very early for vacation, he's a trooper--to get on the treadmill. I stayed in bed another hour before beating the same path, and on several mornings, I rolled over in bed, inadvertently setting off the motion detectors and FLASH! Let there be light.  Lots of light. Thanks. Another foible of this lighting system was that sometimes, one of us would be in the shower when the other one left the room and--you guessed it, after a certain amount of time, it was dark. Really dark, and arm waving will get you nowhere in the shower.

Happy Friday, everyone! Whatchaupto??

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TLP said...

I'm up to having my children over to dinner for my husband's 84th birthday. What a coincidence, huh?

I don't get him anything for his birthday. There just isn't anything to get.

See ya soon!