Sunday, September 23, 2012

Catch the Gold Ring

Lately, I've been feeling low energy and sleepy! I've taken to reading forums full of people who have all these commitments, especially young children, who still manage to exercise every day. If misery loves company, let's see who else is trying hard to be a better morning person and get more done in the day! The list is long, and puts me to shame. The ones who have made this a habit are obviously very happy about it. Every time I succeed in getting up at 5am to run, I'm happy about it, too--afterwards. Not so much while I'm doing it, to be honest.

The problem I'm having right now is being too tired after work. Even when I get off early, I just can't get myself out the door, partly because the traffic around here has become scary at that time of day, and partly because I'm sick of doing laps. SO, getting up early would solve my problems. And I don't actually get any sleep after 5am, I just hang out being lazy, and I know it.

When did this happen to me? Stupid question; it was gradual. It's even affecting my reading! It's taking me forever to get through a book, because I keep falling asleep.

This is obviously an emergency. So, I have the alarm clock in the other room set, and beside it I have my running clothes, with the message Don't you DARE go back to bed!!!! Just. Get. Dressed. Because really, this can be broken down into a couple steps

1. When the alarm goes off, I will be absolutely obligated to rush out of bed and turn it off, since Ekim will still be in bed. (I must remember to be thankful for not having sleeping children.)

2. All I have to do then is put on my clothes and put in my eyes.

Warning: If I go back to bed, Ekim will be rightfully annoyed, since he is off work this week and didn't need to be disturbed for nothing.

Sometime, in the distant past, someone told me that if you did something ten times, it became a habit. Sounds daunting, but, as with everything else, it needs to be a one day at a time thing.

                                                          It's time to get up--yippeee!

Tomorrow is the first weekday of fall. Should be crispy in the morning.


Bone said...

I thought it was twenty days of doing something for it to become habit :)

Nevertheless. I seem to be having similar issues lately. Normally, I stay up until 11 or 11:30 to write, but I've been conking out on the couch by 9:30 the past couple of weeks. Ugh.

actonbell said...

Twenty times??? Say it ain't so.

Couches are gateway furniture, you know. Good luck with that:)