Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sad News

It's a relief to me that Penn State officials have accepted the NCAA's sanctions without threat of appeal. No one wants this horrible mess to be drawn out any longer.  Remorse and cooperation are the only appropriate responses. The football program at Penn State became a little too all-encompassing and caused some people to lose all perspective about anything else, and that is the situation these sanctions wish to rectify.

It will be interesting to see if Penn State Alums still buy season's tickets and flock to Beaver Stadium. Hey, it's still a good place to tailgate and meet up with old friends.

 I'm concerned about what the fines and lack of football revenue will do to PSU's other sport programs. And the restaurants, hotels, and shops that make a steady living off the football traffic. That remains to be seen, too.

Penn State is great place to go to school, and I'd love to go up for a visit some quiet weekend, just to walk around and look at all the old places and see all the new ones, as well. So much has happened since I've been gone.

One thing is for certain: I'm proud, very proud, of how Penn State's officials have reacted to these sanctions.


Doug Pascover said...

I think for institutions like that, the headlines are very little to do with the place or the people.

Bone said...

Interesting to hear an alumnus' point of view. As everyone seems to have an opinion.

actonbell said...

True, Doug, PSU was painted with a broad brush...

Bone, SO true, and it's impossible to be completely fair.

Doug Pascover said...

And probably was when JoPa was a hero. We have to be careful investing ourselves in other people, I think is the lesson.