Wednesday, July 18, 2012



Lately, I've felt a bit low energy, but not today.  I got up and helped open the bank, did the big thrift store night deposit, serviced most of the customers who came to the lobby and drive-thru, finished the big grocery store deposits while back in the drive-thru all by myself. Then, I managed to get my excess money counted, recounted ("doubling"), and sold to either the ATM or the vault teller. After I'd counted my drawer, turned in my work, and clocked out, I came home and made the bed and folded the laundry and ate lunch and played lexulous and unsuccessfully checked our Verizon email (we pay for this?? really?). Then it was back to work for the afternoon and then I came home and put five more miles on the treadmill.

Perhaps I've recovered from the weekend.  Funny, I was going to vent about work stuff, but I've lost interest. Maybe I'm just too tired right now.

Happy Wednesday!


Doug Pascover said...

Tear it up, you crazy cash-couning creature!

TLP said...

You just made me tired. Now I have to take a nap.

actonbell said...

Me, too. It didn't last long:)

Bone said...

That sign should be my blog banner. Geez.

Ah yes, productive days. I try to take full advantage when one happens upon me because I know the next one will be a long time coming.