Sunday, June 03, 2012

Welcome to June

June! It's officially summer, even if it's not. No matter, it's light all the time, it's warm, schools are letting out, so it must be summer. I've been sleepy and sluggish lately, but that seems to be lifting. With all this sunlight going on, it would be hard not to wake up.

Speaking of restlessness, I did a rare thing recently--I put down a book. After my last serious read, Carl Hiaasen seemed like a good idea, but evidently it was the wrong Carl Hiaasen. It was Striptease, a comedy about a conservative Florida politician who is literally screwing up his career. It wasn't funny, none of the subplots made any sense, and I didn't care about any of the characters. Whoa, woe. Sick Puppy retains the title of My Favorite Carl Hiaasen.

I'm almost finished reading The Phantom of the Opera, by Gaston Leroux, a story first published in serial form back in 1909. The writing style is vintage and intriguing, and having never seen any stage or film adaption of the story, I have no notions about how this is going to end. It was a surprise to me to find that the opera ghost is such an evil character. I'd expected him to be tragic and sympathetic.

In other so-what news, Ekim and I finally rented the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and this time it was a surprise to me that the homegrown version was less graphic and violent than the Swedish version. The beginning credits looked just like a James Bond film, which made me chuckle, since Daniel Craig does play the lead. I thought everyone was well-cast and good, particularly Rooney Mara. Daniel Craig was much better as Mikael Blomkvist than I'd thought he'd be, and his editor is played by Robin Wright, who will always be famous in my mind for The Princess Bride. Strangely, both of the films changed some of the original events, the most startling of which is the way the American version has Harriet Vangor escaping to London under a different alias, which is wrong and in stark contrast to the  Swedish version, which correctly placed her in faraway Australia, as the owner of a large, successful ranch. I thought it was important that Harriet fled to a different continent, and can't imagine why this change was made.

There's a storm brewing outside, so I'd better think about getting off the computer and finishing the tale of the opera ghost. And I need to stop acquiring books for awhile.

Have a great week!


Bone said...

I saw a dog chasing a rabbit the other day across a field. I was rooting for the rabbit, and was relieved when I saw the dog come back empty-handed/-mouthed.

Seems like Robin Wright still manages to fly under the radar a bit, even though she's been in some huge movies. Or maybe The Princess Bride is only huge in my mind. *grin*

Doug Pascover said...

Those are good reviews. So, should I watch Girl with the dragon tattoo? I haven't quite managed to.

actonbell said...

Bone, rabbits are wascally, aren't they? And I think The Princess Bride was very very memorable.

Doug, I really think you should read the book. It's good, and you don't have to actually watch this--stuff. Or guess which version is doing what with the books.

Logophile said...

I've read the first two books, and watched all three Swedish movies. I had been avoiding the US version since I assumed the violence would be more graphic and even though I am a Daniel Craig fan, I was not sure of him in the Blomkvist role.
Upon your review I will probably watch it now. Thanks!

TLP said...

I read the (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) books, but didn't see the movies. The books were violent enough. Don't like Daniel Craig.

Good reviews.

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