Thursday, June 21, 2012

Such a bleary eyed morning!  Walked into the kitchen, expecting coffee, but--yes, the water was in the machine, ditto coffee, but alas, the machine was not plugged in. Huh. When did I unplug it? I'm not obsessive about pulling stuff out of the walls, like a certain fire marshal in one of my past life chapters. That guy used to say, "unplug your animals at night," explaining that appliances are the workhorses of this age.

I feel like a somnambulist, lately. Stuff piles up around me, I keep meaning to file and put stuff away, but it doesn't happen. Summer used to mean vacation, but these days, it seems like I have to force myself to get out in it--perhaps after work today, I will go to the pool. It might be less crowded, since it's Jubilee Day.

It could happen...and it's already time to go to work. I'm always there.



Karen said...

A ghost in the machine?

Bone said...

I somnambul'd some when I was a kid. Once my grandma was staying with us and I was opening the door to go outside and she caught me.

Happy weekend!

TLP said...

*sigh* It all goes by so faster for me now. Winter, spring, summer....try to enjoy it. It's all there is.

Doug Pascover said...

I want to hear more about the fire marshall. Or do I?