Saturday, June 09, 2012


Today, this afternoon, Mike and friends Dan and Ed are going to visit Greg. Ed is coming from Michigan, hasn't seen Greg in over a year, and he is probably in for a shock. Warnings are never enough. I saw Greg last month and even after all this time, it was a jolt.

Greg is staying with his parents for awhile, during a time when there is so much going on. His daughter just graduated from Penn State, took a trip to China, and is starting her new job shortly, while his older son's wedding is happening very soon. All of these happy events that are so worthy of living for, but for Greg, it all seems to be just out of reach.  His family (wife and children plus fiance) are going on one last trip to the shore, and had hoped that they could install Greg there, so he could see the ocean again, but it wasn't to be.  Life is going on around and without him. This is what happens, and it never ceases to be devastatingly sad.

                                                               All one can hope for is peace.


Doug Pascover said...

Beautiful thoughts. I'm sorry for your loss.

TLP said...

Greg is such a wonderful, truly fine man. It is so sad.

Logophile said...

That is heartbreaking.

Peace to Greg and to his loved ones.