Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Just Pinterest pinning my attention...

This is in Vancouver, and I imagine it would be an exhilarating experience to add to my life...

Also, I followed a pin over to The Burlap Bag, where I found an idea that is very relevant to my interests: boiled eggs. I love hard boiled eggs, but have messed them up more often than not. Well, it turns out that they can be baked! Put them in a muffin tin to keep them from rolling around, set the oven at 325-350, and bake them for 30 minutes. Afterwards, soak them in very cold water for about ten or so minutes before peeling them.  This idea is a keeper.

I've never heard of The Piano Guys before this, but I'm loving what they do with Coldplay. And viewed in fullscreen mode, the scenery in this video is intriguing, as well.

And then there are all sorts of fun ideas, stuff to do with all those t-shirts you like but don't wear, and lots of recipes. HELP. I'm on Pinterest, and I need to get off.

Time to call it a day.



Bone said...

I have no time for Pinterest, between watching WKRP DVD's and... naps.

Vancouver is on my to-do list. Or to-see list, I guess.

And now I can already see I'm about to fail at my first attempt at this word verification... gideraw... o...something.

Doug Pascover said...

I'm curious about pinterest but haven't found my way there yet.

Logophile said...

Yes, I have a teeny tiny pinterest addiction but we do NOT need to discuss it.

Mostly, I am running like a wild thing trying to keep up with all the stuff I am meant to accomplish.

You know what is ridiculous?
I live right here and haven't ever gone to that bridge. Seriously, that is just wrong.
I think the motorcycles probably need to take us up there this summer.

TLP said...

I'm up to wasting more time on-line. I've been sitting so long my butt is numb.

I've looked at pinterest, but haven't gotten hooked. That's a good thing.

TLP said...

I like the video, and the music, but sadly I can't get it to go full screen. That's okay. The music is good anyway.

Karen said...

Sorry to intrude but Logophile's comments are usually inspirational for me. Barbit barbit; or something like that. Besides that, I wish a Happy Day-After Mother's Day to TLP!