Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Rabbit, rabbit!!

                                                           Good luck in May, everyone!

Gracious me, but Blogger is changing things...I didn't recognize the place.

I'll add more later.

So, what's going on?  It got up to almost 80 degrees today, which was quite a surprise. I ran five miles after work, and was most thankful for the breeze. Mornings have been rough on me, so perhaps I should consider going to bed earlier, but--here I am. Ennui and tiredness.

And as soon as  I type that, a thunderstorm of guilt, with a well-deserved strike of lightening, should smack me awake, because I am alive and healthy. Here is the ingrate who has the power to get up every morning and command or not command a body to do things, who can eat and drink and walk and run and plan whatever little trivial things might possibly be done outside of work.

Why is it that it's so hard to appreciate what we have, when we have it? That is, until we or someone close to us loses everything, that's when we're reminded that we're lucky to have functioning bodies that can get up and do all those mundane things that make up a normal life, the one that seems boring right now.

So. It's May, the whole summer is in front of us, and I will resolve to enjoy each day in my own way.


TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit!

Logophile said...

Gracious, I even missed tibbar tibbar, so I guess I will just say have a good May!

Nothing like a loss to encourage appreciate of what we have. It's a good resolution, to enjoy each day.

Doug Pascover said...

Enjoy the summer.

Bone said...

Yeah, I'm a little slow and clunky getting around blogger now. Thankfully, I only post once a month :)