Sunday, March 18, 2012

Twelfth Sunday

Gracious me, but I had a total blackout on how to spell 12th. Doesn't look right at all!

Anyway, today is important because Mom is coming home from her fabulous Hawaiian vacation, and I've been looking forward to hearing all about it.

As events have unfolded, though, this is also the day that sister 3D's mother-in-law passed away early this morning, and my heart goes out to her family. Julia had alzheimer's for a very long time, which is one of the saddest of endings. She lived a long life and it's a tragedy that she didn't get to enjoy more of it.


What's going on with me? Peaceful living. I'm more at peace with the boring job than ever. It's fascinating, the effect that the departure of one loud presence can have. I knew that the most of the others I worked with could be very charming, but now they seem more so, now that their voices are easier to hear. It's a very nice effect. One especially irksome thing about ex-coworker Calamity was that she never left the building during her break--oh, no, she stayed in that tiny break room, in our tiny building the whole time so that no one, especially me, since I'm usually in the drive-thru, got a break from her voice. Sometimes she'd poke her head back in my workspace during this time to talk to me, and I'd want to scream. I wanted her break to be a break for me, too.

Now, when the kids are sitting in the break room, I don't mind when they occasionally bug me with stuff. Homer recently stuck his nose in and informed me that he and Sprite were playing Pictionary, and could I tell him how to draw a worm hole? What? I told him that that was about the strangest question anybody ever asked me, and so Homer declared that I was on his poop list twice now for not having his back. Then he leaves me alone to my quiet time in the DT with my contraband Nook. (Everyone knows I have it for lulls and no one cares.)

Homer's Typical Poop List (written on the back of a receipt):


Attitude always makes it first, and she's the only serious entry. If she weren't so cute, I'm not sure Homer would even try being nice to her. Calamity's withdrawal has been very hard on her, and she's more miserable and moody than ever. At least she's predictable; everyday, when I say good morning to her, the way she answers or doesn't will tell me if she's biting today. Poor thing, it's almost funny.


In other news, I've been doing all the same things I usually do, including haunting book sites, including Goodreads, where this one book, called Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, currently has 8,218 ratings and 1689 reviews! Of course, I skip to the really bad reviews first. I always do that because the way in which bad reviews are written is more informative that the gushing ones; if the reviewer has intelligent sounding reasons for disliking a novel, it's truly food for thought, and I will think twice about wasting my time. Sometimes, though, a bad review will act as a recommendation. In this case, the bad reviews were much more articulate than the gushing ones, which are predominant. Hmmm, I was fifty shades of curious, but--I'm not spending ten dollars for a book that's so out of my usual scope and sounds like such tripe. But then, someone pointed out, you don't have to pay for it (smirk)--you can download for free. Or read it in your browser.

At first, I thought this novel was pure smut, but actually, it's psycho-smut. It's not the usual romance novel stuff, though it's written every bit as monotonously. The main characters are Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Steele Grey? And those first names--another symptom of cheesy. Grey is only twenty-seven, but he's already a billionaire. Oh, and he's drop dead gorgeous too, but you already knew that. Steele is just about to graduate from college with a degree in English, but the author does not give her a very good vocabulary. (Just sayin'. The only halfway decent dialog going on between these two is email conversations.) So anyway, they meet when Ana is drafted to interview Christian for the school newspaper because her roommate and best friend Kate, who writes for the paper, is too sick to do it herself. Ana is doing this as a favor. During the interview, Christian is able to size Ana up as underconfident and easily intimidated. A couple days later, when Christian meets Kate, he immediately observes that Kate is the dominant personality in the friendship. And this is what drives him crazy, because he's into BDSM. I had to google that, of course. Bondage, discipline, submission, dominance. He's a sick pup and he has the money, freedom, and staff to stalk anyone. He's on the prowl for a new submissive playmate.

Ah, the title is too easy to make fun of. Fifty shades of disturbing! Disturbing that so many women are LOVING (in caps) this book with no reservations, no disturbing thoughts about the fact that the young, inexperienced Ana doesn't stand a chance against this kind of predator, or that her character doesn't even stay put--dumb and submissive in one scene, sarcastic and brave the next. E.L. James has written so many words, but developed nothing. Instead, she tries to distract her readers away from the worrisome melodrama with a ludicrous parade of sex scenes.

This book does succeed in being scary. And it's a trilogy, which means that even if Ana does leave him at the end of this book, that doesn't mean that Christian's really going to let her make that decision. He knows where she lives....and more. This started out as Twilight fan fiction. I've never read The Twilight series, but now I'm a little concerned about what the younguns are reading these days!

And I'm not reviewing this on Goodreads. Don't tell anyone I read it, okay?

And the Ides of March passed without anything bad happening, and I worked yesterday, a first Saturday in a long while for me, and since it was St. Patrick's Day, a few people came in dressed alarmingly. I forgot how interesting Saturdays were.

It's another beautiful Sunday! Whatchaupto?


Doug said...

That's a good point about seeing whether the positive or negative reviews are better written.

You would have known what BDSM stands for if you remember Honeybunny.

actonbell said...

Doug, I never read Honeybunny--I missed so much!

TLP said...

I love your posts. This one has all the elements that I like about them: work, book reviews, good stuff.

Bone said...

I can relate to the celebrated departure of a co-worker. It's amazing how much less I dread Mondays now.

Interestingly enough, an ex-girlfriend recommended I read Fifty Shades Of Grey. Still trying to figure out what that could possibly mean.

I haven't read it yet. So I skipped over most of the review to avoid any possible spoilers :)

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom.

Bone--that's just scary.