Wednesday, February 01, 2012

January postmortem, and Rabbit, rabbit!

Rabbit, rabbit, good luck in February, everyone!! In my neck of the woods, we've been tragically spoiled, living such a soft, cushy life that normal temperatures seem like unnatural punishment. Our last day of January felt like early spring.

I've become addicted to House. No, we don't still have all those channels, but I'm scurrying back and forth from the library and currently boring through season 2, so don't go telling me what happens. One thing about living almost TV free is that when I do get hooked on something, I don't have to wait for Thursday nights, or whatever. I haven't gotten to the episode pictured above, and therefore I'm very anxious about what Dr. House might have in mind for that poor cat.

In other news, I'm reading The Marriage Plot, by Jeffrey Eugenides, and will yammer on about that later. I will say that I'm enjoying it very much. When I'm finished with that, I'd like to finally read Gone with the Wind, especially since there's going to be an online book discussion on Good Reads--not that I can participate, since I'm not able to be there during working hours AND I'm going to be late in starting the book, anyway. It's impossible to time the reading of books just so.

We (Ekim and I) went out to dinner this evening with a few other people to celebrate the end of January. The couple who originated this remarked that this year wasn't bad at all, and when it comes to the wintertriness (is that a good word?) of January, that's certainly true. However, January is like a thirty-one day Monday for other reasons, a sort of hangover from holiday partying and spending. At work, it's the month of explaining to people that they can't cash just any check if their account is negative. The huge supermarket deposits contain dollar coins, JFK fifty cent pieces, and two dollar bills, suggestive of someone raiding the attic to pay for groceries. Bring on the tax refunds!

And so it goes, faster and faster every year. It's February now, and later this month we will celebrate our 23rd wedding anniversary. Impossible, but true...we've been married almost half our lives.

I'm about to fall asleep, what with the Hop Hog and all the sushi. Good night, and happy February!


TLP said...

January was easy on us weather-wise for sure.

Your Dad is going to be reading The Marriage Plot later this year for his book group.

I just finished watching an old House on TV.
I watch the current series, but I was late to catch on to it, so I watch old ones too.

In other news I've gotten hooked on Alcatraz. *sigh* I need to be hooked on another TV series. The Big Bang Theory takes only half my time.

Rabbit rabbit sweetie!

Bone said...

Wow, I had the same thoughts about January. It wasn't anything like itself this year.

Love the thirty-one day Monday description though, because it usually is!

Happy anniversary! So weird to say that on a blog. Seems much more normal to wish a happy bloggiversary :)