Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sugar on top

If you were to google 'glass sugar container,' this image is the very first one to pop up. I have one that I use to hold straws, but that's not what I wanted to write about.

This morning, Calamity picked this very object out of the cabinet in the break room, and poked her wide-eyed face into the drive-thru where I'd been blissfully alone for a whole half-hour without her oral noise, to ask me, "Do you think this is like, salt, or sugar?"


Acton: Well, that is definitely a sugar container. I've never seen salt in such a large dispenser.

Calamity: Well, like........like.....like......like (on and on for what seemed like several minutes. My eyes glaze over, and I just fight annoyance with all the self-control in my possession.)

Acton: You could always sprinkle a bit onto a spoon and taste it.

Calamity: haha! That's what Attitude said. She said that like I could just like...like...like....like...

This causes me to need more coffee, and since I drink it black, I don't care what that &#* ((*#& white stuff is. I was luckier than usual today; sometimes, she pounds me with the same question until I'm ready to scream. Do you think I should call my doctor? Do you think this yogurt will be okay after an hour? Do you think my tuna helper casserole is okay in the 'frig from Saturday night?

She often reminds me of Satin Lady, both in the repetition and in the fact that she isn't even going to consider how anyone answers her questions. However, Calamity was not in special education, she had plenty of friends in school, and she's actually living with a man who treats her well--it's almost as if Satin Lady were being impersonated by a younger woman with a better life.

Oh, that reminds me--we recently got our Comcast digital adapter, to avoid losing all four of our channels when TV goes digital. We are suddenly getting about one hundred channels. Ekim called and told on us, since we don't want to pay for more service. And I'm already on a tangent. I was going to write about remote controls: we have three of them. For some reason, the Comcast remote only changes the channels, and we still need our original TV remote to actually turn the TV on and off, plus control DVDs. The third remote is for the volume, which Ekim deftly wired through our receiver, so that the sound comes out of our stereo speakers. It seems we're not alone in our tri-remote state.

Oh, and we still have all those channels, and will enjoy them until someone notices and pulls our switch, I guess. It's a sweet treat, as long as it lasts.

So. Wassup?


TLP said...

I just love your posts!

I read this one and the review of P.D. James to your dad. He loves your writing too.

*Proud parents*

TLP said...

BTW, we have to have multiple remote controllers too. Somehow this reminds me of our "paperless" society. We have more remotes and more paper now that everything is so "simple" and "easy."

actonbell said...

That's the truth! It seems such a simple thing to have everything in one remote, but obviously, it's not.