Friday, December 30, 2011

Say yes to Friday!

Vacation was wonderful, the weather was as nice as anyone could possibly expect, and then we came home to the holiday season. For some reason, this holiday season wore me out. You'd think that coming back all vacationed would provide me with renewed strength and energy. I guess reality bit me hard when I got back. Christmas is fun, but it's a long day and then I have to get up bright and early the next morning and open the bank.

I used to think January sounded depressing, but I'm now looking forward to all the hoopla to be over so that I (it's all about me) can have a lazy weekend. It's high time I got more reading done, too. Not that we haven't already booked the next cruise and started planning the next merry-go-round, mind you.

Which reminds me of the rest of my life: Ennui Endurance. I've become so negative! The thing is, work is boring and my coworkers are annoying, but--I can't really leave. Even the transfer I was thinking about now seems like a very bad idea; let's just say that the situation over there calls my ennui and annoyance and raises me tension and stress. So, I stay where I am because no one is actively trying to yank my chain and so far I've gotten the days off that I've needed to have off. Not that I ask for any of the popular times, but still--not many jobs would offer me this much time off so quickly.

A good resolution for the new year would be to simply stop complaining--except for on my blog, of course, that's allowed. I mean, when other coworkers whine to me, don't whine back. It's hard; I always sympathize. And misery loves company, but I need to start spreading sunshine instead of aiding the angst.

That means an inner eye-roll when coworkers ask me questions, then don't give me a chance to get a word in edgewise. However, I can still tell Calamity not to say that she hates Asians--actually, I've already done that, and perhaps she even listened. (Calamity makes this proclamation because ONE Asian girl ONCE tried to steal one of her past boyfriends. I asked if a white girl had ever acted the same way, and she admitted that yes, this had happened. So--she hates white girls? Did I make a dent in her skull? We'll see. But she's still making fun of our Asian customers' accents. Inner eye-roll, Acton!) Anyway, this is just one of the latest examples. Ignore the ignorance, do your job, and come home!

Our assistant manager, Disaster, just came back too soon after having a boob job and has now topped her last performance in uselessness. She's trying to obtain more painkillers, and is meanwhile just working half-days, while the rest of the experienced customer service reps have off all this week. That leaves our newest--and I mean newly minted--customer service rep all by himself on the platform for hours. Without a break. See? I feel better about my job already. I can't believe they're doing this to him! The other day, he made a bunch of mistakes because there was no one to help him, so he had to call all these customers back, apologize, and in some cases tell them he needed to have them return. I'm calling him The Warrior, because I'd be in tears by now, in that position.

That's the morning pep talk!

...which in some cases, must come down. Or suspended.


TLP said...

What a zoo.

But still fun to read about.

Doug said...

I Like the new line of successories.

SERVICE: Not being a bigot is not so hard.
PERSERVERANCE: May as well go to work again.

Logophile said...

Oh yes, you may certainly complain here, because you do it so well!