Thursday, December 01, 2011

Rabbit, rabbit!

Rabbit, rabbit!! Good luck in December, everyone:)

This year is on its late month, with the holiday season just about to get into full swing. Frankly, I always have mixed feelings about this, for this is a time of social angst and amplified feelings. It's probably not necessary to explain what I mean by that. This time of year can be a gauntlet; it's the challenge to not only get shopping, baking, and cards completed, but to have fun while doing so. If you start to feel harried, rushed, exhausted, or miserable, well--surely, you're not doing this right. Other people are having a great time, why aren't you?

The advent of social media may either alleviate or exacerbate these feelings. It may become clearer to some people that they are not alone in their melancholy, but then, it could also add to the suspicion that everyone else is having a better time. After all, your friends' updates are usually something of the "at the ball, danced with the prince, dining at The Ritz, having a fabulous time!" sort, instead of the "just polished off a six-pack, watching The Little Match Girl, and now I'll cry myself to sleep" kind.

And since it's the end of the year, I can't help but focus on how bored I am to still be doing the same job in the same seat I've occupied for almost four years. There's nothing very tragic or extremely sad going on, just acute ennui. And some annoyance. Thank goodness Ekim and I always go away during the middle of December, and this time, it will be very warm and sunny...I wish everyone could get away and vacation from whatever ails her.

Cheers! Here's to having the happiest possible December!

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Doug said...

I agree about the social media but I have fantastic internet friends who write posts like this one and write status updates like "Lost a shoe at the ball. What an idiot!"

actonbell said...

heh. :)

actonbell said...

...and I have fantastic internet friends who actually read my posts!