Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Status report

Things at work are weird; it appears that Disaster, our latest assistant manager, has disappeared herself. After being on vacation for a week, she was a no show at work on her return date. Her boyfriend called her off, saying that she was in the hospital for some kind of minor problem. Then, she text messaged one of the staff to say she'd be in today, but again, she did not show up or call off. So. She'll not be coming back. Disaster has been one of the strangest episodes we've had. In the past, she's called off for a variety of reasons. One morning, she called and said, "I think my dog is dead." She called back a few minutes later to confirm this, and then took two days off. During this time, she went right out and got a puppy. Poor thing.

Sadly, JaneRussell is all set to transfer somewhere else because she is sick of the fact that the only way Disaster would communicate with her was by text messaging a coworker, using this person as a go-between!

Meanwhile, I've been working the opening shift a lot, and so far, all three of the supervisors I've opened with have forgotten their codes. This morning's supervisor called another supervisor to obtain the codes, and still couldn't open the night drop vault. Oh, man, I hate it when they all make Head Teller look good; when she finally got in, we got that vault open on the first go. Things are falling apart, here.

No one knows what's going on right now. I did not enjoy The Boy Wonder at all, and refuse to miss him, even in the face of Disaster. It's dangerous to even think this, but--surely, it has to get better. I'll try to watch it all as entertainment. It's sad, when the teller line is so much more dependable than the supervisors.

Otherwise, this has been a pleasant month so far for me. Ekim's birthday is coming up, and that will be a fun night, and I'm taking off on Friday, so I'll get caught up on all the little errands and other stuff I've been wanting to do. I love short weeks. Oh, and Thanksgiving is coming up, too. We're going to get together with a group of friends the night before, and then run/jog one of those turkey trot 5ks on Thanksgiving Day. I've never done that before. And I'm looking forward to visiting our families.

I'm reading Ghost Story, by Peter Straub and enjoying it very much, and need to keep reading, because LibraryThing sent me an intriguing early review book. More of that later.

Happy Wednesday!


Doug said...

Well, no problem for me using your workdays as entertainment. Or Peter Straub for that matter. Shadowlands was my favorite horror novel and I liked Ghost Story a lot. He can be a little hit-and-miss, but that's a good one.

actonbell said...

I'm impressed, and should put Shadowlands on my radar:)

TLP said...

work is a bitch and then you die.

I'm in an upbeat mood, can'tchatell?