Friday, November 18, 2011

Joy! It's the weekend...

Friday to the rescue! I am grateful for the weekend.

Finally, I've remembered to look up the answer to a question I've heard so many times. Five hundred dollar bills haven't been printed since 1945, and those had a series date of 1934. The Fed stopped circulating them in 1969. Banks do not take them. Get thee to a dealer!
Now that that's out of the way, the work update is that unfortunately, Disaster is back. No one knows why she hasn't been sacked. JaneRussell has put in her notice, and I will miss her. Meanwhile, FunADDboy is coming back. I've probably never mentioned him. He was a teller at our bank for maybe a year, or almost, then left to take a job at a credit union. He was fired from that job, probably because of his attention and wandering-around issues. Then, he went to work at a local thrift store, didn't work out there, and now, he's back. One more thing about FunADDboy: he left our bank with only a week's notice, which many people thought would disqualify him from coming back. But lo, he's coming back not as a teller, but as a customer service rep--he'll be on the platform, this time. A more difficult job. Let's watch!

So, sometime this holiday season, we'll have quite the platform: an assistant manager who thinks she's above answering the phone and calls off all the time, two others in a love-hate relationship with each other and a severe dislike for tellers who refer customers to them, and--FunADDboy. Nothing's going to get done over there! We've had an immature teller line before, but I've never ever seen this kind of line-up happen to a platform. JaneRussell is worried about leaving us tellers to deal with them, which is charmingly dramatic of her, but I'm not scared. If the shit hits the fan with a loud enough smack and a bad enough stench, someone--perhaps our regional manager--will finally notice.

Speaking of the holiday season, here comes Thanksgiving, which reminds me of turkeys, which reminds me that we saw a most unusual show on PBS called My Life as a Turkey. I couldn't decide whether Joe Hutto was amazingly talented or a bit wacko. Probably both. If you watch it, tell me what you think...

Also, speaking of Thanksgiving, I can't find our CD of Alice's Restaurant. I've looked everywhere. I need to have this.

Happy weekend! Whatchaupto?


TLP said...

I love your work stories! Tragic as they are.

Thanks for the reminder about Alice's Restaurant. I must find my CD and get it into the car.

See you soon.

Bone said...

Reading about your co-workers always makes me feel slightly better, in that "let's commiserate together" sort of way.

Doug said...

Happy weekend to you and the extended Pez familia. I'm sleep deprived at JFK airport but looking forward to getting where I'm going.

actonbell said...

Thanks, Mom:)

Yes, Bone, it does help to know that you're not alone in the asylum of life, huh?

Happy Trails, Doug! Say hi to your distant family, too.