Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wake up, shake it off, go on

It's a beautiful weekend, and I've enjoyed looking at it. Yesterday, I entered and ran a race, a 5K, for the first time in about a decade. I'm not exaggerating. There were so few people there that it didn't really feel like a race, and my body certainly wasn't up to racing; I finished 3.1 miles in about 27:40, which I should be embarrassed about admitting, but what the heck? A couple people I work with saw it, so if I'm still alive after that, I can certainly put it on my blog. Yeah, I joked about how I'm just way out of it these days, but I sensed that they were sort of patronizing me by even acknowledging my presence. But then, that's what I tend to think about everyone, especially these days.

This event did have an energizing effect on me, however; I actually got myself up to do a short interval workout and I worked out a schedule to make sure intervals and slightly longer runs become something that happen on a regular basis. And it's forced me to confront the fact that I've been sliding for the last ten years, for at least a couple reasons. Also, it's reminded me that I've been capable of working hard and achieving something, and that I can certainly regain some of that ethic. No, I'm not going to run as well now as I did back in 1997, but I can do a lot better than I'm doing, and that would make me feel a lot better about myself right now.

So, I'll try to grow some flowers in my mind, instead of being such a wilted weed.

It's getting late, so I better turn in and read Dracula until I drop off.

Happy Monday, have a good week!


Doug said...

Dracula's a good book.

And there, there, A-bell. Nobody's patronizing you, I'm sure.

actonbell said...

Very funny, Doug.