Friday, September 02, 2011

Something to be happy about

It was a bear of a day today, but it's over. And it's a three day weekend! That time we had customers to the door and stacked in the drive-thru while our computers crashed--forgotten!! I'm going to have a couple glasses of wine tonight that will make my headache go away.

Now for some funny pictures:

This is a much worse day than I've ever had on a job.
Now, this is definitely smiling in the face of stress.

Oh, yeah, it's Labor Day. Be thankful you have a job. My workplace is open, but I don't have to work.
Men don't need door knobs, and the handicapped get a slide?

Um, not this weekend, thanks...

Wooooooow, I won't drink that much this weekend, I promise.

That's the amazing thing about stereotyping: this seems to be so true to me, despite the fact that I have not traveled extensively nor known any Europeans very well.
That's right! So--whatchaupto?


TLP said...

These are funny pictures! Good finds.

I'm not up to a darn thing.

Faycin A Croud said...

Unfortunately I resonate all too well with that poor sad cardboard box!
I'll not be doing anything much--I try not to go anywhere on Labor Day.

On a humorous note, the word verification is Bratori.

None of my blogs are currently on my profile because I got trolled. If you want you can check out the same bat time same bat channel at
It's still there.

actonbell said...

Me neither, Mom! Life is good

Faycin, I'm sorry to hear about the trolling. People are so weird!

Doug said...

I'm like that cardboard box and for the same reason.

actonbell said...

yep, that's a good reason. And, by the way, I took it for a mattress, for all that matters.