Sunday, September 04, 2011

Scrabbled Brains

Yes, it is, and I'm going to start using it in conversation. As in, "Wednesday is our za night." So there.

My mind is scrabbled because we're going on vacation soon, and that means we'll play Scrabble every evening. I will lose, but that's okay. It's the exercise that counts.

The Scrabble word for today is snarky. It means snappish. So, next time you're lucky enough to own a y and a k, AND can add an s to another word (employ those s's with care!)--good for you. Snarky is worth 13 points naked, but of course you'll find a double-word spot, or at least get more points for that word you just made plural.

Here is an interesting little tidbit on one of the highest-scoring games of Scrabble ever (played on the lawn of a Unitarian Church). Obviously, I need to start cramming some useful three-letter words into my brain. One of the best three-letter words is cwm, which is a valley or glen. And yes, it is a real word. Another one is qat. It's Arabian tea.
I wonder if it would be okay for me to drink out of this mug while we play?

Oh, oh, man, check out Extreme Scrabble. I keep telling myself that I need to play faster, because if a better move doesn't occur to me within five minutes, then it's probably a waste of time to keep waffling. But these people, as you'll see, are really and truly engrossed. (My favorite picture is the one with the two lions, sniffing the tiles just like Serena used to do.)

And of course, there's the collection of LOLCats Scrabble pictures, including the classic vowel movement, located on the second page.

If you're still with me, and still sitting on your rumpus surfing the net as I am, check out these creative Scrabble advertizements. Pretty clever. And here's more! I love these.

No complaining!

It's just a game. It's just a game. It's just a game! No one's gonna die here...(now I've seen everything.)

Feel better, now?

In case I'm not feeling defeated enough, perhaps I'll try to follow a game of double-bag Clabbers. Clabbers is an anagram for Scrabble, which explains this board. Mostly explains. I still need a little bit of help understanding some of these plays.

Okay, enough about Scrabble. Now for Lee and Katia....may they not bestow too much wrath on us all.

Happy Labor Day!


Doug said...

Paphy starvel!

actonbell said...

Thanks, Doug:)

TLP said...

Your Dad enjoyed this post a bunch.

Not that we're buying cwm as a word.

Bone said...

I do love when you blog about Scrabble.

I remember when I saw "cwm" used in a book I was reading one time, I got so excited.

Love the last photo. I despise V's and C's.