Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rabbit, rabbit!!

September??? Holy cow, or fox, as the case may be, it's that time of year again. Time for the kids to go off and learn to do new stuff, time for the lifeguards to hang it up and close the pools, time for the crickets to come out, and nearly time for us to go to Mexico!

I nearly forgot to do my rabbitses, as I'm trying to make my way through a long book ere vacation begins because--well, no particularly great reason, I'd just rather be reading something else at the beach, that all. It's not that The Sot-Weed Factor (John Barth) isn't sufficiently full of plot twists, humor, and fun. And everything's Nooked, so. It's not a problem, I can certainly alternate betwixt the two. (My other fancy is The Hunger Game Trilogy, Suzanne Collins.)

It's cooler in the mornings now! Ah, the weather's so fabulous right now, I wish it were our lot to have it thus all the year. Marry, we need to wallow in it without the thought of snow to come.

Good luck in September, everyone! Any special plans?


Doug said...

Tibbar tibbar. I'm not doing plans these days.

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit.

No special plans. Your father wants to go to a lecture this afternoon (Friday) at Dickinson College. *sigh* So that's my plan, but I don't regard it as "special."

I do love this weather.

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actonbell said...

Doug, life is indeed unplanned.

Mom, I hope the lecture was surprisingly good.

alien? really?

Karen said...

tibbar tibbar?

Sorry. I have no idea what my word verification means: averstio